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September Astrology Forecast

Shifting Realities.

Well we have come a long way, from the beginning of the year. We've dived and dipped, waxed and waned our way to this point. At times we felt like time was standing still, until we suddenly realized we are in a completely different location then when we started.

This month is kinda like that. There is a nervous energy about. We're anxious, uncertain of where the road is heading. We scope the landscape for new possibilities. Fresh ideas to inspire us onward. Some of the questions you might be asking yourself this month are; Do I want to stay where I am? Do I want to move into a different directions? What do I want to keep and what do I want to let go of? This month is a long journey into new territory. New trains of thought begin to emerge. Perhaps some regrets, some misconceptions and some great moments of faith and wonder.

This Month, many things are shifting. Eclipse's are triggering changes. The Saturn Square Neptune aspect hits for it's 3rd contact and comes into full force as it's triggered by several events. Jupiter shifts gears by it's ingress into Libra. Mars triggers the March 9th Eclipse. The Equinox redirects our attention to create a balance. We let go of old haunts, while grasping for a New direction. A seed is sown as the growth of summer is relenting to Autumn's breezes.

The back drop to a very eventful month is influenced by the Sun in the sign of Virgo on August 22nd. Highlighting our need to get organized for Autumn activities. Back to routines following summer vacations. We need to brush off the cobwebs, clean out the closets, pack up the camping gear and settle into the ending of summer.

To confuse matters we have just entered Mercury's Retrograde on August 30th also in the sign of Virgo. Mercury will move backwards from 28 degrees of this sign to 14 degrees. Travelling through Virgo all of September. Finally stationing direct on September 22nd as the Sun shifts into the sign of Libra on the same day. He will move out of his shadow on October 6th, 2016.

Mercury retrograde periods can be a time of missed communications, snarled travel, problems with various electronic devises. Typical hang ups of this planets misdirection. It's also associated with the sign it's travelling through, where we can find most of our difficulties. Mercury is the ruler of Virgo, thus being very much at home. He is adaptable to the fluctuating changes. Some issues which might arise, can be job related. You've paid your bills but discover they never were applied to your account. You could have problems with co-workers, difficulties getting organized as you become distracted with other things on your way to accomplish one thing. We can feel dissatisfied with our place of work. It can become to mundane. Possible Union problems. Union agreements stall, job action is required. We can encounter delays, feel frustrated as we get caught up in the little details of issues. Things can become painstakingly slow. So when Mercury Retrograde squares Mars on September 14/15th, we need to be cautious the foot doesn't hit the gas petal at full throttle. Try to be aware of your surroundings. This can also be a time period when we are verbally aggressive as well.

It can be a great time to review your progress. Are you meeting your own expectations for success. What can you do differently. How can you approach things in a more productive manner moving forward. Lessons can be learned with this retrograde, by examining the information and discarding material which is no longer valid or applicable. You might also find, you are running into old friends you could of previously worked with. You may feel like getting really organized, but with Mercury retrograde expect numerous interruptions. This continues till September 22nd.

The next back drop of September is Venus as she enter her home sign of Libra on August 30th. She is dignified here, being very congenial, diplomatic and pleasant. Cooperation among others is highlighted at least till the 24th, when she dives into Scorpio. This placement allows us to express ourselves with others. There is a pleasant connection, which enables us to express our desires. What we like, dislike. Who's company we want to keep. Which relationships are working well. So we have all these connections going on. A discovery of sorts to enable us to better work out the details of various work projects. Perhaps we will have numerous meetings with others this month in order to get more organized. It will be social, pleasant and perhaps a bit profitable.

Yes, we are heading into Eclipse Season once again. Not only are we moving through the time warp, we also are going to be triggering the March 9th Eclipse on our journey. A changing of perceptions, directions open up like the pedals of a flower. Now you might say, well we already started Eclipse season last month with August 18th's Full Moon along the Aquarius/Leo axis. Since this Eclipse was so out there in orb, I view it as a prelude to a future Eclipse Season. Kinda like a warming up of sorts. What can we as a group accomplish versus what can I accomplish, and what are we really looking for.... Revealing a glimpse into future possibilities for August of 2017.

Eclipse's are often indicative of change. They mark turning points. Shifts in our awareness, allowing us to let go of a train of thought or direction and to move on into unknown territory. Completing this cycle of new awareness in approximately 19 years as it unfolds into a new set of circumstances. We need these eclipse's to shake us up. Motivating us to full fill our destiny.

We spark off this month with the first Eclipse of September arriving on the 1st. A Solar Eclipse in the sign of Virgo at 9 degrees 21 minutes of the sign. Eclipse's occur when the Sun, Moon and Earth line up. With a Solar Eclipse, the Moon moves in between the Earth and Sun. Temporarily blocking out the light. Like a light switch being turned off and on. This causes disorientation. Thus we see things in a different light and have to adjust to this light. As a result, we come out seeing things with a different perspective. According to NASA this Annular Solar Eclipse will cross central Africa from Gabon through DR Congo and across the parts of Tanzania finally hitting the northern part of Madagascar.

This Eclipse will trigger the major aspect happening between Saturn the hard nose reality ruler and Neptune the ruler of faith, belief compassion. This aspect is significant this month, as it hit's it's final pass on September 10th. Thus this Eclipse will shift our focus about what this aspect represents and how it's playing out in society. Triggering new directions with this New Moon. We can press the re-set button on major issues such as racism, cultural appropriation, truths of inclusion, acceptance and tolerance. Who's allowed to cross the boarder and who is blocked by the wall of rules or regulations. This Eclipse can shift our attention to different people, different situations related to the racial, religious divide and the boarders it's creating and dissolving. This Eclipse can also change trends, related to health, healing or energies related to such views. Disease and the use of drugs can be highlighted. Different trends can actually disappear as something else grabs our attention and we fall into the never ending cycles of trends.

Since both the Sun and Moon are forming a T-square with Saturn and Neptune, we get this unstable energy flowing. Any little event can cause things to merge into conflicts, which create turning points in perceptions of various situations. We have to face reality, even if this reality is depressive and/or oppressive. Our illusions burst as our faith is tested by obstacles. Travel advisories can arise due to potential dangers, disease spreading organisms. Fear can erode our confidences over the next several months. With the Mutable influence, we don't necessarily resolve the problem, but we seem to adapt to problems. We know something is lacking, which produces obstacles or resistance if trying to find the missing link. Watch for storms, difficult weather in general in various parts of the world, perhaps where there is water. Waves. Also fires which produce destruction of buildings or structures in various areas. Both of these can arise over the next month.

We can feel like we are in a “Warped sense of Reality”, which triggers ultimate fear, whether real or imaginative. We can feel depressive, trapped by certain circumstances which prevent us from moving forward with our goals. We need, need, need someone to acknowledge responsibility. We are unsatisfied with result. Believing the truth needs to be told, yet we receive cold responses. Authority will seem to ignore the plights of some. There is a lack of direction due to confusing circumstances which in turn creates conflict. Expect road blocks to new ventures, over exaggerations in responses and action is stalled due to various obstacles or policies. Expect propaganda as some go to extremes to get their point across.

This New Moon will be a Super Moon's energy due to the influence of the Eclipse. What begins now will be felt June 1st, 2017, March 2, 2018 and moving into it's finishing waning cycle on November 30, 2018. Mars will oppose the Eclipse point on December 31st, 2016. With Venus shortly there after on January 12, 2017.

Just as we clear the first Eclipse and the tension of the first few days of September, we come to a soft place on the 7th as the Sun Trines Pluto. This gives us the power to change our direction. Transforming, diversifying and determined to succeed whatever the cost. Begin now any new program or course of direction. Take a course, start a Yoga program. Begin meditating. Start a spiritual journey. Show your grit. If you begin now, you will see tangible rewards, and benefits. Adjust by believing people can meet your needs.

September 9th is a big day. Jupiter will ingress into the sign of Libra. He likes being in this sign. Venus the ruler of Libra in the chart is still in her own sign of Libra having just passed Jupiter on the 29th of August. This is an excellent placement for social gatherings. Weddings, baby showers, celebrations of any kind which produce a gathering to mix and mingle. Social activities will increase this year. A year of gathering to discuss various projects, course of actions, agreements. We can accomplish much more together then alone. If alone it can be hard to make decisions without some input from others.

Jupiter hits the Cardinal point at 00 degrees of Libra. This marks a point of action. A time of initiation to partner up. Business transactions evolve, new deals are made, new alliances, bargains are struck and handshakes seal the deal. Eventful times emerge with this new energy rising. The world takes notice of diplomatic exchanges producing a ripple effect. Persons with Libra, Gemini and Aquarius prominent in their charts can see an easy flow of energy to accomplish something over the next year. Leo's and Sagittarius will see opportunities emerge. The signs of Aries, Cancer or Capricorn can see turning points as difficulties can propel them in new directions. Pisces and Taurus prominent need to be adjust to varying circumstances. Problems are hard to pinpoint. It can be a growth year for Virgo and Scorpio, so it's not without a few trials here and there, but well worth the effort.

This ingress is not without it's share of adjustments in general. It is brought about just as the Moon makes a Waxing Quarter Moon, which is joined by the aggressive planet of Mars. Avoid getting frustrated when you are trying to get things accomplished over the next year. Although Libra is generally congenial, we can soon lose our tempers when others seem uncooperative. Avoid foot in mouth or Freudian slips when connecting with others.

September 9th, also triggers the Eclipse of March 9th, 2016 through Mars square to this point. This Eclipse arrived at the 19th Degree of Pisces. This was a Total Solar Eclipse carrying with it a strong wave of energy. Influencing Malaysia, South Sumatra and Indonesia. Mars triggering this eclipse will produce action to finish up activities during this time. Something is being released, ready to be ended. Mars will give the action necessary to complete unfinished tasks. Although with it being a square aspect, it can result in a negative reaction, thereby producing anger, frustrations and/or conflicts. The ending of a spiritual journey needs a push to release the appropriate energy. Some conflicting emotional turmoil can result, to spur us on towards forgiving and letting go. Embrace your spiritual beliefs without fear!

Following the intensity of shifts and changes just in the first 9 days of September. We hit September 10th like hitting a brick wall of resistance with the Saturn in Sagittarius Square aspect to Neptune in Pisces. This is the last of a series of 3 aspects between these two planets. They hit exact on November 26, 2015, with the second pass arriving on June 18th, 2016 with the final arriving now. These two planets create a 36 year cycle. This is the last Quarter being a Waning square which finishes up the cycle which began March 3,1989 in the sign of Capricorn. The next cycle will begin on February 20th, 2026 at the Cardinal point of Aries at exactly 00 degrees 44 minutes. A new beginning commences in every aspect. This Waning Square aspect will take 10 years to completion.

Saturn in Sagittarius seeks to create boarders or division amongst various ethnic or religious backgrounds due to their beliefs, customs or truths about various subjects. Neptune seeks to dissolve whatever stands in it's path in it's own sign of Pisces. Neptune is exceptionally strong in this position. Thus creating a merging of cultures, which creates conflicts through the square's energies. Neptune has no boarders. It's illusive, relying on faith along. A knowing without proof. It believes through sheer energy of a higher power. Saturn wants to control this energy. Wants to create some sort of structure in which everyone can live an orderly life. Neptune struggles with this concept as it attempts to make us all one. One race, one human ideal of spirituality. But this causes confusion, disillusionment and some isolation. Saturn seeks to bring out the truth, igniting fear in some cases to prove it's case. It brings down the rule of judgement through racial or religious divisions. A sorting of who belongs where and for what reason. Cultural appropriation is a wall to produce division or a sorting of who belongs where according to Saturn. Neptune says, we are all one, merge, accept and call it your own. This produces conflicts, racism, division. Neptune plays the pity card. Look what has happened to me, feel my pain, then you will know my hurt. Saturn says OK, lets bring in the judicial system and find out exactly what the truth was. Let's impose laws! Let's try to seek control the various situations. Oh my what a dilemma. Try to recognize what is going on, avoid the pitfalls, the trends of society. Just be understanding to everyone, don't pick a side.

Saturn seeks to prove the truth in Sagittarius. The square produces the fight for this truth. On one side is the structural boundaries of who belongs where. We are the truth. On the other side, Neptune says, but I fight for my God, the true faith of mankind. I rage a war against the restrictions your so call laws of man have placed upon me and my God will win. Terrorism, hidden within the cloaks of society.

In amongst all of this chaotic struggle is other aspects emerging. Water issues, heavy contaminates found in various water sources. Mercury found in one source. A lack of water in various communities as Saturn restricts the flow. Too much water in other areas. Flooding, producing contaminates. Water boil advisories in various places.

Then we have diseases. Saturn seeks to contain these diseases, but Neptune allows them to flourish and spread. Most likely around water sources or water born. Problems with addictions. Alcoholism, drugs and it's abuses. The whole world is on a pill... Control, control control. Control what ails you. Avoid the voices in your head as nonsense.

Problems with immigration. Floods of people crossing the water, merging with other cultures. Processing through Saturn's laws. Restrictions of boarders.

Deceptions, scandals, hidden agenda's by Neptune's persuasion of belief. Recruitment. Swindles, bribes, backroom deals. Loses with little resolution from those in positions of the law.

We are ending a cycle. Since the cycle began in the sign of Capricorn which is ruled by Saturn. Saturn or people in authority such as governments, heads of state, rulership, dictatorship seek to maintain their illusion of control. However the cracks are beginning to appear. The world is starting to figure out what is really going on.

As this aspect hits on the 10th of September, the Moon will be in the sign of Capricorn. Fear based monologue can be depressive. Build a wall and everything will be OK.

There are some positives to this aspect. Spiritual awareness emerges as a positive attribute. Controlled meditation is therapeutic. All sorts of psychic learning. More awareness of healing energies. Awareness of energies of all forms. Connections to one another through this energy field. A return to old ways of being, such as Paganism, old doctrine, the old ways. Research into various fields of study. Connections to others. A knowing, clairvoyance. We begin a journey of discovery as Neptune plays it's hand against state.

On the heels of this aspect comes Venus biting at the skirts of Pluto as the Moon joins with Pluto on the 11th of September. Financial issues emerge. Where is the money? Who's got it, who's spending it? Banks, powerhouse brokers, governments can become embroiled in some sort of tightening of belts. Relationships can be going through some sort of transformation at this time. Someone could of had a hidden agenda, which cause defaults within relationships. Break ups due to discoveries being made.

Then we hit the 12th as Mercury merges with the Sun. This is considered Combustion, where Mercury has been blocked out by the light of the Sun. Messages are easily lost from Sept 9th till the 12th. It will be difficult to get your message across. We have trouble connecting as other things step in to delay our expressions. Pressing matters have put things on the back burner. From the evening of the 12th to the morning hours of the 13th we can express ourselves strongly. Take this time to express your needs to the appropriate people.[5]

This is a tense critical time of the Month as the Sun joins with Mercury and squares Mars. Avoid speaking out of turn. We can get into debating situations, which can lead to full blown arguments. Agreeing to disagree is not likely. Various media events involving prominent leaders or persons in authority can cause a backlash of activities.

We've got the Sun in square to Mars as Mars Trines Uranus from the 14-15th. The Sun/Mars connection can create cries of disagreements to foreign policies. Crack down on person's causing disruptions. New policies for acts of War or involving War. Individuals with 22-23 degrees of Virgo/Sagittarius can find this a bit unnerving, frustrating, but can shift themselves into a very liberating position when it's all said and done. This involves birthdays around the 14th and 15th of September and December 12th and 14th.

For some of us, the 14th will herald in a slower pace with the Moon void of course and Mercury absorbed in the rays of the Sun, we can really settle in for a long day of really reviewing what's the right direction to take moving forward. The 15th brings the Moon conversing with Neptune and squaring Saturn. This is a time when spiritual awareness meets with hard realities.

Unexpected directions arrive on the 16th with our second Eclipse of the month bringing Spiritual Shifts to Reality into our awareness. This Lunar Eclipse lands on the 24th degree of Pisces, also having been triggered on September 16th, 1997. The Earth will move between the Sun and Moon, thus the earth's shadow is cast upon the Moon. This Eclipse will be hard to see, as the Moon is just slightly shadowed. Lunar Eclipse's deal with emotional subconscious awareness. It's those instincts, where we know deep down. It deals with family, security, safety, habits and the DNA coding. This is a South Node Eclipse with a wide orb. A coming to completion phase, but we might not recognize the need to let go just yet. We need to give back and then release.

This energy creates subtle shifts of spiritual awareness which activates us to move in one direction or the other. The Pisces/Virgo axis is about being of service to others. The giving and taking through compassion. It may signal a time of getting rid of old baggage as new realizations of energy emerge to reveal our awareness.

As we move through the heightened energy of this Full Moon, we are called to action with Mars at the midpoint of a T-Square with this Eclipse. A testing of our beliefs, truths, purifying our perceptions. Religions can become prominent issues of contention as well as race, ethnic backgrounds. It can be a time of hostility against past actions to those whom have suffered under such actions. A new fight emerges. Possible War cries due to injustices. A blaming for circumstances or neglectful responsibilities which could of been prevented if the public was made aware. People can become impatient, angry. What is the truth and can we trust and believe those in positions of power and protection. Religious Wars continue to emerge in various areas of the world. This also can create an inner struggle of awareness of one's circumstances.

The Moon is Void of Course during the 2 hours of the Eclipse. Another indication we are kept in the shadows, but on the verge of something new. We might have to wait in limbo to move forward with Mercury slowing down in this chart and Pluto also waiting in the wings to move direct. It's not a time to move forward. A time to assess, evaluate and proceed with caution until we have all the facts.

Be progressive, independent and act with your own sense of self. Avoid being dragged into the various trends emerging. Agree to disagree. Be creative in your approach with this Lunar Eclipse. Change, be changed in order to stand outside the box. Be creative and exercise your own sense of independance. Easier said then done.

We are not stalled though, by the 17th, an unexpected event might lead to new discoveries. Motivating us to adjust to new realities. The people we thought we knew are not who they really are as Venus opposes Uranus. Clearly we can be deceived by our own willingness to believe the best in others. Changes within relationships can throw us off balance.

Things seem to rectify themselves by the 19th. New opportunities to meet people can give us what we need in order to move forward in our changing worlds. From the 19th to the 21st we can relax a bit. Kick back and write down what you really want to see change over the next couple months.

Speak your mind on the 21st, as Mercury stations still today. We can feel stable and grounded with the Taurus Moon

Mercury stations direct on the 22nd, with a clearer understanding of what we need to accomplish moving into the future. We should of used this Retrograde to evaluate our needs to improve our health, spiritual well-being and to get on track with a new plan of action.

Celebrate the Equinox on the 22rd of September. Remembering life is about balance. Give thanks for the light we have shared through spring and summer, acknowledging the darkness will begin to penetrate our lives for the next several months in the Northern Hemisphere arriving at 8:22 AM CST. The Moon in this chart is in Gemini in opposition to Mars in Sagittarius. A clear indication we are not yet over the worst of the divide as tempers can flair due to differences of opinions. Good to get out and socialize, but be cognisant of others opinions.

The Last Quarter Moon arrives on the 23rd, redirecting us to the tasks at hand with family matters due to the Moon in Cancer. Snuggle in with a fire if the night is cool.

Just as Venus enters the black waters of Scorpio. Venus isn't much of a swimmer. She doesn't like she can't see the bottom. She however wants to find out what's down there. Intensifying her need to discover the secrets behind the mysteries. We can experience intense moments with this transit. Issues arising can be due to shared resources, banking, taxation and insurances. Our focus shifts from diplomacy to who's running this show. Avoid digging in your heals. Scandals, affairs can emerge as we seek more tantalizing experiences.

We can feel strung out by the end of the month. So kick back the week-end of the 24th and 25th to catch up on chores around the home. Backyard cleanups on Saturday with brunch on Sunday morning.

The 27th finally brings Mars into a new sign, having spent the better part of the year in Sagittarius, he now moves in to the sign of Capricorn. On his way to join Pluto. It's down to work. This can be a very productive time, as Mars knows just what needs to be done here in order to launch that new business project or get those guys rolling at the job sight. This can be a very productive time period from now till November 9th, 2016.

We end this month with a New Moon arriving in the sign of Libra on September 30th. In some places October 1st. We can breath a sigh of relieve as we begin to plant the seeds of new beginnings for the next season arriving. It arrives at 8 degrees 15 minutes of this sign. It's sandwiched between Venus and Jupiter. The two beneficial planets of the zodiac. So tightly woven with Venus, we can expect a strong focus on our deep connections with loved ones. Celebrating the bounty of friends and family we hold dear. It's not all roses though as Mars crashes this pleasant party with angry outbursts of disgust at the laziness of others. The wasting of resources. Watch your tempers once again if someone is attempting to manipulate you into doing all the work. Some people might actually quit their jobs over the issue. A bully in the mist. Who do you wish to keep in your social circles and who do you wish to release due to their trouble making demands. We can remember to learn from those whom have more wisdom and experience if we take the time.

Think back to the middle of August, to be enlightened by the end of the month as Mercury hits the same zone it held back then. We are older and wiser by the end of September. We've experienced numerous shifts of reality on our way to healing and enlightenment. This month may be a difficult terrain to manoeuvre, but be patient and creative. We are an ever changing society as we move through this time of tremendous change.

My vision for the Month: “ A bird whispers a secret”

Blessings of Light



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