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September Astrology

The Wheel Turns

Hello everyone! It will soon be back to the old grind of school, work, and activities. Things to keep us busy throughout the fall months. Yet as much as we are going forward, astrologically we may find ourselves encountering similar or unfinished business from the summer months. With the triggering of the Eclipse’s and the Turning of the yearly wheel we can find a New Dawn emerging.

We’ve just finished with the Solar Eclipse of August 21st which signals a change is upon us. Eclipse’s can produce high energy levels within society propelling various actions or reactions from people, groups or leaders. Heading into September we are not finished with the dynamic propelling energies of July and August. We are still in a heightened state of energy as the Eclipse degrees are activated in September. We must be diligent, aware and conscious of our actions and re-actions to others or events.

As well we are still dealing with a Mercury retrograde which stationed on August 13th at the 11th degree of Virgo. A placement Mercury very much appreciates, having ruler-ship over this sign. This is a time of review. We should be focused on if things are organized, are things in place for potential outcomes. How can we release and drop issues which are no longer serving a purpose for us? Food issues, diets, exercise plans and the general health issues of any establishment can be revamped, reviewed and enhanced to run efficiently going into the future. With this retrograde we can sense that something is not working and it should be reworked or restructured going into the future.

This month is the opportune time to do this as Mercury doesn’t station direct until September 5th while triggering the Eclipse point of August 21st at the 28th degree of Leo. It then begins to pick up speed as it re-emerges into Virgo on the 10th Paralleling things which transpired at the end of July and finally coming out of it’s shadow on the 19th of September. This of course has the effect of a feeling your lacking a crucial piece of information in order to move forward. Things may also begin to move very quickly due to the triggering of the Eclipse. The Wheel begins to turn rather rapidly with these aspects and makes leaders rather volatile due to the pressure of energy. It’s a time to look back at events or issues surrounding the summer months to release so you are ready to move forward with the energies of the Eclipse. Following the 19th we will be moving in a New direction, whatever that direction leads you in as where Leo resides within your chart.

The Eclipse point is also being activated by Mars, which ruled this Eclipse. Mars is a planet very much associated with activity and he joins up with Mercury while activated this degree on the 2nd of September. Mars energies are very much associated with military, war, militia, martial law, disputes and/or promotion of activities which release tensions. As well positive motivation to achieve goals or aspirations. Like all planets Mars can be a positive or negative. With the trine aspect to Uranus a sudden surprising intervention can arise which disperses angry tensions between countries or individuals. A sudden shift if perspective due to Mercury being activated can signal a calming of the waters to regain control (Saturn’s influences) The Moon is at 00 degrees of Aquarius with this activation so we may very well see group participation or people coming together for a cause and an opportunity for us to mend fences with others if you have been having a challenging time with someone recently. This can motivate us to heal past emotional hurts.

There is a lot of energy moving around and dispersed during the first week of September. We will be able to feel the shifts heading into mid September. Energy remains high and we all need to be aware of it’s volatility due to the Mars actions. Avoid knee jerk reactions to what people say or do. At this time, read the fine print of documents which need to be signed. Make sure you are fully aware of the impact or repercussions of various events or decisions made now. Hold off on making certain decisions if possible. Ride the waves until after the Full Moon of Sept 6th.

This Full Moon can be a rather crazy, confusing Moon. The polarization between the Sun and Moon during a Full Moon can trigger all sorts of issues coming to awareness. This Moon will be even more profound in creating illusions around issues due to Neptune being so close to the Moon’s position. The degree parallels energies from May, as Neptune was preparing to station Retrograde at this degree. This can be a point in time where we can or need to rethink our directions from then or an issue can resurface. Like you’ve been living in a dream. Neptune is associated with deep waters and the depths we take to achieve these deep levels of consciousness. Activities such as deep-sea diving, drugs, alcohol, metaphysical activities such as meditation, trances, psychic activities and dreaming. The massive flooding in Texas is a prime example of Neptune at it’s worst. This Moon also can signal the rise in emotions due to confusing issues surfacing. This Moon can cause problems with other as lies, deceptions can be revealed which can cause further confusion or a clarity of where you stand. Perhaps there’s issues with loved ones, financial adjustments and/or emotional issues peaking now. The rise of disease or contagious illness can arise with these configurations. Look after your health during this time. Due to the Grand Fire Trine within the chart, the ease by which this can arise can be shocking in it’s effects. Vague influences prevail upon us, so take the time to run a deep bath, cleanse your physical body as well as your spiritual self. Watch you don’t see issues with rose coloured glasses.

Mars heads into Virgo during this Full Moon. The rest of the Month can be filled with activities related to diets, health regime’s, organized sports, clarification to issues by sorting through the details. Everyone can have an opinion about what’s beneficial for someone else. A possible perceived lack of understanding to the point where everyone is telling everyone else what is best for them. Possible nit picking, nagging which can cause disagreements amongst your co-workers. There’s a plan here to move forward with deliberate steps to achieve your objectives. Avoid critical behaviours. Incorporate some sort of physical activity into your life this month to avoid frustrations.

This is a highly intense Full Moon because Mercury stops in the skies and moves direct on Sept 5th. Hidden secrets can begin to emerge, and watch your digestive system folks.

We finally begin to clear some issues as the 9th of September dawns against a Sun trine to Pluto and we have the opportunity to regain our power, just as Mercury re-enters Virgo and we can begin the process of redirecting and clearing out what is no longer useful and regaining a sense of organization within our lives.

Venus is now in Leo. A placement she enjoys being in. This placement can draw us out of our comfort zones, launching us into heartfelt matters. We can feel compassionate for others. Willing to depart from our own needs to generously contribute to the needs of others. So, it’s fitting for the difficulties down in the southern United States and generosity & compassion. This energy can present as affectionate get together's with loved ones. Lavish parties, flashy dressing and competition to occupy center stage. It can be romantic, heartwarming and exciting during the first half of the month. It can also bring out the lion in us. Where we’re competitive, egotistical or aggressive. Watch your roar isn’t bigger then your bite.

She will come into direct opposition with the Lunar Eclipse point of July at 15 degrees on the 8th of September, triggering an emotional filled response to the well being of a humanitarian issue. She then steams forward, only to collide with the Solar Eclipse point on the 18th of September. This further enacts the actions of the Solar Eclipse to be activated. Venus is about what we desire, love & appreciate. We can find ourselves loving various leaders, rulers, monarchs and adoring those whom give us pleasure, such as actors, singers or entertainers, as well as close loved ones. People can rise to prominence under this influence and can find themselves in the spotlight of life. No doubt we will see someone being over shadowed by someone else who steps into the lights of life. I hope it’s all you! It can be a woman whom steps forward. As well since Venus is trine to Uranus it will be a sudden enlightening situation. This could spell a financial windfall for some people.

She enters the grind of Virgo on the 19th, where the energy shifts to being highly demanding or critical of loved ones. We of course only want what’s best for those we love, but you need to be cautious of being overly critical. Business attire becomes grey, black and serious under this placement. She’s exact in her directness in solving problems by shedding off that which is no longer of value. Budgets get pared down to penny pinching and the days of extravagance is dwindling. Use this time to create a budget. Be simple, put together individuals. A time of puffed up chests and power struggles seems to ease it self into negotiations versus strutting.

We bump into our New Moon on the 20th of September at 27 degrees of Virgo. New Moons are a time of refreshing & renewing our energies. Like a stop watch resetting the time as we start over. We are in the thick of Virgo during this New Moon. All the inner planets are in the sign of Virgo. The weather will begin to change by this New Moon to the crispness of Fall. The farmers combining will be wrapping up as gardeners bring in the last of their labors to store for the winder months. It’s a lot of work, as we collect our summer patio furniture, clean our yards and prepare for the winter coming.

This New Moon will trigger the Full Moon effects from the 9th of September and reaches across to Neptune as Mercury opposes this degree. Mercury is very active this month. Triggering all sorts of planets into action. This may very well be a time, in which we hear news of scandal, hidden secrets, deception & confusion once again can assault our senses. There are wounds to bear due to the opposition to Chiron and the need to be responsible for our actions through the square to Saturn. If there is a woman or women whom rise in the ranks, there expanding popularity will be prominent due to Jupiter’s close connection with the fixed star of Spica and Arcturus. Spelling a popular, socially successful honour or position according to Robson (p.212). In addition, Arcturus ensure success through the legal or religious systems by establishing an influential position. This is good for foreign negotiations and agreements between alliances or solving disputes. Perhaps negotiations of NAFTA will move forward positively. Dawning an equitable solution come the Equinox... maybe.

Since Jupiter is occupying or close to these fixed stars in September, we could very well see various resolutions solved through the courts, legal system or heads of state. However, the opposition to Uranus can throw a kink into things and so various things will be unusual in how they come together for resolution. Unusual demands are presented. This is an appropriate time to put your demands on the table or put forth your best foot. Keeping in mind, you need to express what it is you really want, or need to accomplish.

According to central standard time, the Equinox happens on September 22nd exact at 2:02 PM CST: Regina, SK. Signaling a turning of the Wheel as we head into a new season. The Moon’s placement in Scorpio, ensures a focus upon the deeper, darker things in life. It gives an ability to dig deep into one’s soul and survive due to an increase in determination and taking control of one’s circumstances. This is an excellent time to release old ways of looking at things and/or the past. Saturn is rising, which can signal a time of tough times ahead. Restrictions, obligations, new laws. We can encounter delays in progressing forward. Some of us will encounter a dead stop to something before something new begins, as would tie into the Solar Eclipse activation of September. Be patient, hold back from reacting until you know all the facts. Business needs to be taken care off before we can direct our attention to other things. Discipline yourself. Thus, this is an appropriate time to begin a health regime. Saturn is however making positive connections. So, some of these restrictive elements can inspire us into a new thought form, a new innovation or creation and opportunity.

This month closes with Mars heating up the waters of Neptune on the 24th. We can feel muddled up in activities, which are vague. It’s an emotional connection with others, so there’s a danger of misreading the intentions. Activities centered on meditation, astral travel, or other mediums can direct our paths forward. Avoid drugs, alcohol or other medications now. Watch for toxins or intestinal problems around the end of the month. A flu bug can arise with this combination.

A gag orders seem appropriate on the 25th as Mercury squares off with Saturn. Further restrictive orders can come down the pipe. Delays in travel, disruptions to information or a halting of activities. This can be a time of limiting your communication. Be still in your space. Just as Jupiter is closing in on it’s last opposition to Uranus.

These two planets have been battling it out all year, causing major disruptions within relationships and allies between countries. With Jupiter in Libra and Uranus in the sign of self Aries. It produced the Cardinal T-Square of 2017, producing legal battles along with law suits Beginning last December 26th, hitting again in March 2nd of 2017 it finally comes to it’s final connection on September 27th. Uranus is often called the great awakener. Jupiter in Libra brought us together in a collective group to discover something profoundly moving. Yet it caused a great struggle for independence against startling information and a deep desire for liberation against those whom we felt were holding us back. Many of us were and could still be thrown together with the most unexpected people as we weighed our options to disconnect or become further connected. As a result, we could feel like we are torn in two different directions. Venus has a huge roll to play as she drabs the critical attire of Virgo and Mars as he’s deep in the delusions of Neptune. This is a time to get clear in your direction by understanding what or who you are within the group. What roll do you play? Is it significant? Do you matter? These are questions we must ask ourselves as we once again feel ourselves pulled in many directions within the group. With this opposition, it was important to recognize your own autonomy within the larger group associations. It’s time to once again feel the pull of self direction and the roll each of us plays within the world.

By September 30th, we can find we are handicapped with a lack of direction due to Venus in opposition to Neptune in Pisces. Avoid making rash sudden decisions, due to the confusing nature of this energy. It can produce magical connections, affairs or attractions, but just grab your partner, and enjoy a deep connection with one another, before the smoke clears. Understand the things we think we love, can just be all smoke and mirrors. Enjoy the moments, but don’t get carried away with make believe.

This month we can feel stretched in numerous directions. We need to keep our health up by eating properly, exercising & maintaining good hygiene. Get organized by planning for the future. Enjoy your life, whatever the ups and downs. There’s a push pull energy about us and a lack of clarity forward in some respects. Be patient, the answers will come to you soon, but don’t be anxious to resolve issues with others just yet. We can find ourselves in a muddle with a lack of direction forward if we get all wrapped up in the details. Look to the middle of the month to act upon things and leave the rest for later. We can feel like we are going over issues from the summer months and need to decide what it is we want to accomplish for the rest of 2017. This month can be enlightening.

Blessings to all!

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