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The Beginning:

So it took me a fairly long time to decide where to begin. Where is the beginning anyway? There seemed to be so many topics to choose from, one just became scattered with thought. Is this where one should start or is that an area where we need to address. It became this ever present circle of never ending ideas, which are all interesting. But where is the beginning. What should be addressed first in this vast area known as New Age.

Well, of course there really isn't any beginning nor is there really any end. We as humans like to sort things out into different categories. Perhaps because we are over-whelmed by the vastness of the material. The material is really very ancient. So then the dilemma arose as do I need a section known as New Age when it really isn't New Age at all!

However, somewhere along the line, various subjects became known as New Age. So I'll keep the heading and section for the time being. A while back I attended a group discussion about the differences between New Age and Pagan. It was a different twist on what I had believed to be true. It was enlightening though. To understand that some believed that New Age was yes “old”, but the difference was in we now paid for the services, which became New Age because of this fact. Hmm, didn't people always pay for this service. Perhaps through the barter system or the under the table exchanges in order not to get caught by the church or state. Thank goodness we no longer have to deal with that mess of things. At least not where I live.

It's my opinion, New Age is spiritual or dealing with the spiritual realms through various modalities in order to enlighten. Where as Pagan is in my opinion as set of belief systems which incorporate various modalities of similar enlightenment. Pagan after all means belief other then the traditional belief. In any event it really doesn't matter.

Everything in life is spiritually based. Each individual holds spirit. As well in my opinion everything in life holds spirit. We are all connected through this thread of energy. It holds us all together. From universal events in space, planets, stars, dark matter, to elements such as earth, water, air and fire. Every living thing and yes every dead thing holds spirit. The living hold it in being encased within a bodily form. The dead in my opinion hold it in another form of existence. Perhaps more freely. Each is connected through this ribbon of energy. We don't always understand the workings of such energy, but we must or should acknowledge it's existence. Since we on earth are only aware through our singular senses we often have trouble accepting death, transitions or spirit into different forms. We are often closed off from the truth of spirit. Wanting to deny it's existence. If we are living, which is a narrow term in it's own right. Many of us have trouble knowing anything exists other then the here an now. We seek out spirit due to the lose loved ones through various modalities such as mediums and the like. We deny, accuse and often ridicule those whom know or understand spirit. We have historically been scared of such truths.

To know or understand or work with spirit was often considered evil. Now why on earth would this occur. Power! We as humans often are threatened by such existence only because we often feel powerless if someone can work with something that others do not understand. Do we bother to try and understand. Generally not. We often are programmed to be as we are. With a certain set of restrictions placed upon us, not to cross the lines of what is considered to be appropriate. Yet the human existence is a powerful thing. We are curious, we want to understand. It is only through fear, we seek to destroy others whom perhaps are more enlightened then someone else.

There is a strong difference between ego and spirit. Ego stands in our way. Ego wants power, control and the ability to be as good, if not better then someone else. I'm sure there are many books written about ego. It's this human trait which often prevents us from experiencing spirit. We are limited through our human needs to be as good as others. If someone holds something which is considered better we flinch. Instinct to either destroy or to use this individual as a tool for furthering our own understanding so we can somehow master and best our opponent. Emotions surface which raise jealousy, revenge, anger, hatred, manipulation or any other manner of non acceptance of the power of another. Now of course we don't always react in this manner. Many of us embrace, worship or adore and love.

We sometimes embrace others as being amazingly talented. Helping others with their gift of spirit to spread healing throughout the world or comforting those whom have lost others to the other side. Usually, but not always it does involve a fee for service. Pay me and I'll tell you, where your loved one is. Pay me and I'll give you what you need to learn to become enlightened. Pay me and I'll give you a reading. So I can understand where the individual whom said the difference is apparent between New Age and Pagan. Although Pagan's do charge for services as well through their herbs or magick spells. So here we are at the same point we began with.

What's different. Let me be clear! Spirit in any form is never in competition! Never. Since it is the same energy running through all of us, we can't be in competition with the same energy. Some individuals are by all accounts more talented when working with spiritual realms. It's more pronounced at birth. An event might have triggered the advancement of spirit in this earthly realm. I do not believe for one instance that one is more talented or has more abilities then another. Some spiritual modalities are simply suppressed for some reason on their journey through this lifetime. What I have found, as I've run into lots of people within life, is everyone experiences some sort of spiritual encounter at some point in life. It can be the simple seeing of a ghost once as a child or running into an individual whom gives them a bit of information, which nobody else could of know. It could of been a spiritual encounter with God through their religious beliefs or a brush with death or illness brought forth an angel to assist in healing. A dream of unbelievable accuracy or reality. A shadow in the night or a moment of clear knowing truth. We all have these moments in life to show us. To steer us into right direction of spirit.

Yet many of us deny these enlightening moments. We second guess. We deny. Refuse to acknowledge spirit in any form. Does this denial make us sick? Is is this second guessing which steers us into avenues in life which are unhealthy for us? Is it this fear of spirit which causes us to hate our fellow man/ or woman? These are questions we've been asking ourselves for millennium. Causing wars, hatred and fear to rule over us through our own ego's versus just seeing spirit. Seeing the common energy which runs through all of us as a universal thread of existence.

What knowledge have we lost through the years. Perhaps we have lost the real story through the need of humanity to control. Seeking power to eliminate that which seems more powerful then ourselves. Often basing this hatred on religious power. And what is religious basis but spirit, God, divine, enlightened. To me, everything is same, Spirit Energy. It's only named different from a human expression of thought. We don't in life see things as all the same. Two people can look at the same thing and see two totally different things. Why? This question is difficult to answer. I believe it's because spirit holds many different frequencies of energy. We are not all on the same frequency depending on our own level of spiritual awareness. Now heaven help you if you don't see things in the same light as a dominant group. This has caused a great rift in spirit. The spirit has somehow become fractured.

All is not lost however as great strides are coming of age to heal this wound. People are stepping forward with an awareness of spirit. Showing others you don't have to be someone special to connect to spirit. I believe all people have the ability to recognize spiritual energy. Some of us have come to this acknowledgement through illness, serious injury or traumatic event. Some were born with the knowing and others need to simply be shown the way. Then we get a blocking of spirit in other ways. Oh yes, I've already done that. Oh know I'm only into the healing modalities. Yes I'm just into crystals, but thanks anyway. All of these modalities actually work together, not in a separate format. We need all of spirit in order to work effectively. I believe it's not advisable to limit oneself in such one area of interest.

Spirit is expressed through earth. The elementals whom protect, guard and nourish spirit through their presents. As well as the fairy realms, all spiritual creatures like the green man and how this is actually expressed to earth and it's people. Spirit is expressed through all the elements of earth. It's expressed through the healing modalities of energy which lace through each of us. Spirit arrives in voice through inspirational expressions, prayer and asking. It is within the spirit world of angels, spiritual guides and universal beings arrayed in a colour burst of energy. Thus it is expressed within our very bodies through the Chakra system, which allows spiritual energy to permeate throughout our very beings. It vibrates with intensity through the layers of earth, creating a musical symphony of sound. We hear the vibrations in music. Hearing the tones of life pounding against the very essence of life. We see the auras which blend together surrounding all of us in this rainbow of light energy. We feel the pulse of the earth as it rips through space creating waves of energy. The universe answers back with it's own pulse of life, directing our paths through a grid of connections bringing astrology to bear witness to the time line of life. We seek the connection with other forms of life, deep within the oceans, rising high in the air, deep within earth or wandering the lands. So small we cannot see and so large we are astounded by the sheer might of animal. We seek the universal energy, often called God. Where all energy is created from and through to sustain spirit. Called by many names, we know this energy, but we often block it's existence. Even though this energy is us.

We have much to talk about. We have much to learn. We need to connect with each other through the universal essence of spirit. How do we get there. Where to we begin? In body, out of body. Of course we are of body, so we must begin here within the realm of self. Grounding ourselves to the vibrations of mother earth. Then we need to connect with sky. The heavens as some call it. Reaching out to the in between world of fantasy and legend to meet all spirit. Thus begins the journey.

We will learn much on this journey of what many call as New Age. However, it's a long forgotten realm of life and way of life. Which mankind has forgotten in his Ego based need for Power and Control. We need to be inspired by the old ways and the old spirits. We need to listen to the heart beat of the universe in order to delve into a new way of being.

We are all one thread bound together by spirit.

Lets begin our journey with acceptance of all. Being aware we all have the capacity to reach beyond our limited body and touch spirit.


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