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The Spiritual Light Energy”

Lets begin by saying, I'm not an expert on the light and it's energies. The entire subject of, “The Light” as I'm referring to it in this article is a massive subject matter. Some consider the light to be God, Jesus, Allah, Source, Messiah, Angels, and/or the Power, to name a few of the more common references. I consider “The Light” to be All Of the Above! By which name or division you give is a personal preference. It is all the same in my opinion. What has made the difference is of course Mankind.

My journey with this energy, began early. At a moment in time, when I became aware I was indeed on earth. It began I'm estimating around the age of 3. I was sitting on the kitchen floor in our home. It was like I had simply awoke to reality. I remember I had been talking to the leg post of the table. Now that might seem like it has absolutely no connection with light energy, but in fact it did. I knew, without a doubt that, “all living things contained the living energy of the light”. All things in what ever form they transform to, have the light energy. Even if you cut down, chop up, shape into, remove, burn or do any manner of thing to a living thing, it still contains the energy of the source. It is everywhere. It's in me, in you, in the environment, planets, air, sky, earth and universe as a whole. It is readily available for us to use. It can guide, heal, answer prayers, ignite, inspire and move the soul and spirit of any living thing.

Upon my journey of learning. This energy is recognized pretty much world wide. All nations seem to have the light in some form or the other. We, as a people, seem to like to divide things into categories. It helps us to better understand or to learn. Many cultures refer this light as an energy source, to attain or manage. The Chinese culture call this “Chi”, Japan calls it “Ki” and India calls it “Prana” to name a few. We understand for the most part, we have a soul or spirit within our physical bodies. In many cultures this is our connection with the light or source. Many cultures have stories of out of body experiences or death experiences which reaffirm there is a source or energy present when we die. We don't die, we merely transform, but still hold the light energy within our new form.

So what about the darkness, the evil that lurks in the closet. Is there really a darkness? Yes I believe there is. When we don't have the light, there is darkness. It does not mean the light doesn't exist within this darkness. It's simply dark because the light is not as bright. The lamp has been covered up. Generally speaking, being in the dark, does hold some light. Shadows are seen. We see shapes, we get a feel for our direction. We sense our way through things. If one doesn't contain a strong light energy within them, they are indeed partially in the darkness. Rambling around trying to find their way. In my opinion it's this darkness part which causes many of our disease, fears, inadequacies. You can't find or understand something when it's hidden.

Throughout many centuries, cultures have celebrated the light. They worshipped the actual, “Sun”. It is predictable, dependable and the giver of life. Growing our food, sustaining our planet through it's available energy to ignite life. Without the Sun we could not sustain ourselves. The light is similar, we cannot survive without our Light or the energy. The parallel is rather interesting. Throughout history we have worshipped the Sun. Various cultures have had Sun Gods. The Romans and Greeks named him Apollo, Egyptians: Ra or Re: Sumerians: Utu: The Japanese called him Ama Terasu: Chinese named him Ten Suns or the Aboriginal was Yhi depending on which tribe and the Celtic culture called him Belenus. Over time, names have changed, belief systems have changed and we have continue to evolve and learn. In the end we all understand, “The Light” is an energy which ignites us to thrive, grow, heal and connect with the spirit of the universe.

Astrologically speaking, the chart of any living thing contains a Sun and a Moon. These are considered the Lights of the Chart. They give us life, leading us on our journey. The Sun lights our way towards our true purpose, while the Moon leads us around the darker places through intuition, gut feelings, our emotional connections to life. We need these two bodies in the charts to be strong in order to sustain us in life. They give us the light. The direction.

 The Spiritual Light is referred to in many instances today. Spiritual Healing enables people to recognize this energy in order to assist in the healing of various diseases. Connections with psychic phenomenon, spiritual connections,spiritual laws and practices all use the reference of the light source. Many refer to the light when someone is dying, telling them to go to the light. Spiritual practices of the Chakras, certain meditation practices, divination, or magick use the presents of spiritual light energy.

Our belief systems, religious bases are strongly connected to a spiritual being whom has the light. According to biblical references the light is mentioned numerous times. I think one of the most common ones are John 8:12: Jesus states, “I am the light of the world: he that follows me shall not walk in the darkness, but shall have the light of life.” This essence of spiritual light permeates through various religious doctrine. Under different names or messiahs but the same theme of spiritual light energy and to attain such energy one must believe in whomever the religious doctrine states to be the true God in their belief system. We have fought over, killed for, dyed for, or martyred for this energy. I personally don't believe this was the true intention of bringing us the awareness of this, “Spiritual Light energy”. I believe it was to understand that the spiritual light lives in all of us equally.

It's through this Spiritual Light essence that we are told anything is possible. We can use this energy to manifest what we so desire in life for the betterment of mankind. It is through this spiritual light we become grateful, enlightened, moved by the spirit, inspired, transformed or changed. Thus in conjunction with the light energy, we need to believe, set intention, having faith to manifest our lives through this power or connection with it's energy. As it also says in Mathew 17:20, “Because you have so little faith. Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed,you can say to this mountain, “Move from here to there” and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you”. So the spiritual light energy is a motivational force if we truly believe through sheer faith in it's existence and power.

Spiritual light energy has been present with miracles, during times of crisis, difficulties, trauma, or illness. It has been present through miraculous feats of bravery, salvation, or enlightenment. We seem as a society often to deny it's existence, but yet it is the one thing we strive to attain when we need spiritual guidance. We can become connected to one another in a very spiritual energetic way if we can simply believe in the power of this energy.

This energy is not isolated or attainable for just a few of the people. It is in my belief attainable for everyone, everywhere at anytime. We are only limited by our lack of understanding, societies limitation upon us or our own insecurities of not being worthy of such energy.

I think many people in the world today are raising their spiritual energy vibration through various belief changes, new innovative discoveries or ideas of this energy manifesting. Energy is at work everywhere, every minute of every day. We are moving forward in understanding through spreading and connecting with one another about such energy use.

We are all spiritual beings, connected through the Light energy.


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