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Total Lunar Eclipse: 4 degrees of Aquarius/Leo

Full Blood Moon: 

Two parallels

July 27th, 2018

We are now in the middle of a set of 3 Eclipses with the Total Lunar Eclipse being the 2nd. Eclipses generally signal shifting conditions. With a Full Moon, we have a releasing energy on one end and a need to be recognized on the other. With an attempt to strike the balance between the two. This Eclipse will stretch us, perhaps beyond our limits. This is an emotional Eclipse, which could throw us out of character, causing us to act in peculiar ways.

According to Earthsky News, this Eclipse will be the longest one of the 21st Century. It will be visible through Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, New Zealand & parts of South America. It will last 1 hour, 42 minutes and 57 seconds, spending nearly 4 hours crossing earths umbral shadow. As the earth moves between the Sun and Moon, the Moon will turn red from the sunlight filtering through earth’s atmosphere. What makes it a little bit more interesting is Mars will highlight this Moon as it will be very near the Moon. This Moon will be at it’s farthest point from earth and will be considered an Apogean Full Moon. However, Mars is at it’s closest position to earth since 2003 and therefore is influencing humanity in a more profound manner, as well as causing intense heat waves in various parts of the country.

There are essentially two-line ups. Sun, Earth and the Moon, as well as Sun, Earth and Mars. This brings attention to the energy of Mars as he becomes the ruler of the eclipse. Being a south node eclipse, we are releasing old energy. We often are resistant to this type of change, because we have become comfortable within the energy which has transpired over the course of several years. As a result, we can feel restricted or feel like we are forced into something, we’d just as soon not participate in. This can Scatter our energy in order to get out of how we are feeling. Just wanting to return to a feeling of comfortability.

Luna or the Lunar Eclipse is associated with the Moon, bringing with it, women’s issues, the cycles of life, change, moodiness and habitual actions. In the sign of Aquarius, we can feel like we are hemmed in with too many boundaries, limiting our freedom. Striving to reach a new awareness. Due to this high emotional state, we can break away from old worn out patterns of life, with such a force, we can become shocked. This can lead to responding in a manner which is normally out of character.

Tempers can fly with this Eclipse energy as Mars in retrograde activates the Lunar Eclipse, bringing with it possible violence, tension, reckless action and taking unnecessary risks. Possible protests, rebellions or arguments. Mars against the Moon can lead to high octane, but exhaustion at the same time. Like running an endurance race, pushing till we collapse. We can suffer burn out. There can be extremes in weather patterns, from storms to heat waves. Many of us will feel our vitality slip away, as we wish to let go and finish up old business. You may also encounter old associates turning up in your life or feel like you are repeating activities with a never finished feeling. Mars will activate this Eclipse once more as he heads in direct motion, re-activating it on September 27th. Pay attention to what had transpired on or around May 30th to get a clear feel of possibilities.

The T-square between Mars/Moon/South Node opposed to Sun/North Node in Leo both in square to Uranus newly in Taurus. This adds to the dynamics of this Eclipse as Uranus rules Aquarius. Change is afoot in a dynamic manner. Sudden events can arise out of no where, with earthquakes, volcanic eruptions or storms. Issues surrounding land, cattle, the agricultural sector as well as our feeling of security. Financial issues can also surface since Venus is ruling Uranus adding a bit of criticism to life in general. Venus is in positive aspects to Pluto, so digging deep assists us with the transitions we’re beginning to make. New innovative actions emerge through challenging work, paying attention to details and capitalizing on business opportunities. You may have to fight a bit harder to get things going. Venus is high in the Canadian chart, addressing our need to pay attention to what we desire or value going forward.

Mercury has just stationed retrograde just a few hours prior to the Eclipse at the 23rd degree of Leo. Leo is a fixed sign, causing us to resist change, digging in our heals. We lack the clarification. We can find we just throw up our hands and walk away from various issues. We can suddenly throw up our hands, quit our jobs and seek out new directions. It’s the waiting game. Expect to run into old romantic interests, children’s issues & activities or old friends from childhood. We may need to address childhood issues from our past as well.

This is a challenging Eclipse energy, due to the various hold offs from the 5 retrograde planets. There are numerous disruptions with a great deal of protectionism due to Mars and the Moon’s conjunction, leading to possible family squabbles or domestic difficulties. We may find we jump into situations or affairs rather spontaneously or decide to break away from conflicting issues. What adds to this dynamic is the asteroid Pandora is right next to the Lunar Eclipse. It’s so tempting to open or seek out what we should not know. This knowledge can become bitter sweet, so stand back and take a moment before rushing into things.

The positives of this Eclipse are held within Saturn’s ability to ground us due to the Trine aspect with Uranus, but it’s not without scars or wounds due to Saturn’s square with Chiron. Sometimes it’s just necessary to proceed, even though the risks are higher then we believed them to be. No pain no gain is an apt phrase for this energy. Be patient, stick it out and enduring will win this race. Take responsibility, fess up and be honest. Trust and believe in the impossible to gain traction as Jupiter is still in Trine to Neptune, which either can lead us astray or the ability to manifest magic. Opportunities can be realized if we take a leap of faith.

Like all Eclipses, change is afoot. Expect changes in group associations. 

Environmental issues arise, domestic & women’s issues, as well as sudden shifting events, which are shocking, unpredictable and a tad rebellious. This is a volatile Lunar Eclipse, producing a fighting spirit against those in a dominating position. The underdog, the less recognized or less powerful will be kicking up their heels. The power of the many can rise with this Lunar Eclipse, fighting for their freedom, bringing up old wounds to be cleansed or dealt with.

Take your time around this Eclipse period. Watch for accidents. Take what people say with a grain of salt as everyone is on a knife’s edge and anything can send them over. Take your time, relax and take deep breaths. Exercise, go for a run, do manual labour, hit the mats, break a sweat and drink lots of water to cool down.

Things are peculiar and a tad strange with two parallel sides. Which one will affect you?


CJ @ Spiritual Journey

Acknowledgment to the artist or photographer: Unknown

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