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A New Spring Journey

A New Spring Journey:

Opening to a new Spiritual Journey.


It’s official, we’ve crossed the line between darkness and light. The New Moon ushered in a new year on March 20th and the Spring Equinox. Marking a new beginning. A New Year is birthed.


This is my favourite time of year. Before I know it, the season has flown by with such anticipation and excitement it has taken my breath away. My energy quickens. I feel alive as the breezes usher in new life. Shoots emerge out of the dead ground. Buds spring forth on the branches of trees otherwise appearing as sticks. Mother nature rejuvenates herself from the long winter sleep.


The Sun rises to greet us earlier each day. It’s time to fertilize mother earth with the seeds of new growth. Renewing herself, as she pushes aside rotting leaves and old growth from the previous year. The earth absorbs this richness of things left behind. Nourishing Mother Earth to regrow out of the old.


I inhale the freshness of a new cycle beginning. Awakened by the magic of just being a part of the cycles of life. I have hope during this season. I honour the time aged traditions of the Germanic Goddess of Spring, Eostre and the celebration of Ostara. A feast to recognize fertility. The hare/rabbit and the egg, as the children run forth to find their treasures left by the Easter Bunny. A representation of the continuation of the life blood of Mother Earth.


It’s a joy to be alive. We feast our eyes upon the morning light. Streaming through the windows to awaken us earlier and earlier. Inspiring us to take part in the growth just outside our window. Watching as the browns turn to greens. The return of the birds, building their nests from old forgotten growth left behind from old man winter. I feel the rush of the wind, strengthening the plants as the clouds become puffy against the blue skies above. The air moistens, wet with anticipation. Rain pours forth freshening the birthing process.


I think of planting. What will I need to sustain and nourish me. I seek the seeds I love, like tomatoes, carrots, peas, and onions. Looking forward to that fresh salad that comes to me from mother earth and the hard work to attain it. I smell the flowers and the herbs reaching for the skies to replenish themselves. Giving life once again. The healing power of these perennials nourishes and sustains our health and well-being.


I thirst for inspiration, as everything around me bursts with life. Father Sun warms my bones and I throw my winter garments to the side. My skin sun burst as it glimmers with a deeper brown. As my hair blonds.


With this excitement comes renewal. A chance to start something new and different. Plans are set into motion. I set a course with my agenda and schedules for the short season of spring.


My Agenda:


This year, I think I shall get a lovely little journal, jotting down the things I wish to accomplish before the heat of summer hits. My wishes, hopes and memories between the pages.


Easter will be upon us soon. Celebrations of rebirth. An Easter egg hunt should be nice, before I stuff myself on turkey and ham.


I think I will get a lovely little apron and gloves for my gardening adventures.


I most certainly will seek to spend some time with my grandson. Perhaps a walk by the river, a movie, or discovering magic with a hike or two.


I’d like to laze around in the newly strung hammock as the Sun rests upon my face.


A cup of coffee here and there with my husband as we laze away the mornings.


I should really start a book to read for the spring. I mustn’t forget about some research into astrology, magic, and my new social media. And that old desire to write my own book. A never-ending stream of interests.


I should try to explore a new shop or town nearby and ask my daughter to join me for lunch.

Definitely to the green house or green houses to smell all the richness of the plants available. Each saying please take me. With pots and scoops replanting each one with care and precision.


A little road trip to seek out new friends and old. Dragging my dried herbs in tow to sell at this store or on the road with trade shows. Such good souls that I connect with.


The trees will come. Small little sticks that look nothing like a tree. Placed in a row to grow big and strong for the next generations to enjoy.


A cup of coffee with my son and a thick slice of home-made bread fresh out of the oven.


I would like to listen to music as I cast my eyes upon the fields before me. The hay is growing and the cats chase the mice from the thickness of the grass.


Of course I cannot forget my friends who take my classes and allow me to indulge them with astrology readings. It’s such a gift to retire into such a career.


I will jot down must dos. Clean my pantry and wash the windows to enjoy the summer breezes.


I think I should like to be more positive. Laugh at my mistakes and dance to my own drummer.


Light the bone fire of life and burn up the waste that Mother Earth has left for me to enjoy roasting marshmallows and a cup of lemonade. Or perhaps a glass of Wine. Who knows what I shall like to savour.


A road trip is scheduled, and I will jot this down for sure in my journal. To the hot springs with family and friends for Father’s Day.


I’m planning on meditating more outside. Creating a little nook in the trees, where nobody can see me except for the peering eyes of the birds and the pesky little mosquitoes.


As I near the end of spring, I shall fill my journal with the wonderful retreat to waterfalls, hiking and exploration of spirit. Yes indeed, this is one of my favourite things to do, working with the Spiritual energies of my guides, ancestors, and Mother Earth.



These are a few of the things I shall write in my spring journal.


Now tell me what are your the trees burst forth with life. Rest upon your lap a journal or an inspirational book, whereby you jot down in the column all the things you would love to do this Spring!


Please share your favourites with the rest of Us!


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