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Colleen is amazingly talented! I got my reading done 2 months ago and wanted to wait a bit to do this review and I can honestly say that she was right on the money she was very professional and went above and beyond during our session and gave me detail that no one would ever know! I felt like I was in a meeting because she was telling me specific dates that I may run into with specific positives and/or negatives and she was 100% on it. She was also talking about people in my life as if she talked to them on the phone prior to our session.. Just amazing! I can not wait to see her again!

Nikki Erin

Colleen is a gracious, patient and very knowledgable. A superb teacher and healer.

Lee-Ann Hoeft

Colleen is sweet, sincere and down to earth, she won't sugar coat it though. Teachings delivered with honest gentility.

Missy Heartsong

Accurate, intuitive, generous, kind, crystal clear.

Robin Jay

Colleen is very knowledgeable in all aspects of her field. I have yet to experience her thoughts of the future. I will give more feedback throughout the year to see what does happen on the dates she has recommended for me to pay attention to. Thank you so much Colleen for your reading. You are a beautiful person.

Fran Moor

Colleen is awesome. Her knowledge and talents are amazing. I had her do my progressive chart first and was blown away. Have returned to her several times since including taking workshops. Always top notch. Everyone I have referred to her have been extremely happy. Would recommend her any time!

Valerie Asher

Was able to be blessed to participate in Journey through Meditation, Fri March 16, absolutely Brilliant. Blessings Colleen Thank you !

Brenda Lye

Colleen has done a couple readings on me and they all have been very accurate and clear. She is also very kind, speaks in the most calming voice and makes you feel very welcome and at home. I highly recommend her!

Tristan Badger