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Hello, my fellow travelers, my name is Colleen Jorgensen.

Your Guide, Astrologer & Psychic Medium.

From an early age, I have been interacting with the Spiritual Realms. Like many of us, not really knowing what it was all about or what it really meant. From the mysterious visitors, to hearing voices, and being overly sensitive to the energies around me. Choosing to ignore many of the signs and synchronicities that embraced me growing up. I delved into the physical world to block out the spiritual one. Often viewing them as two distinct different entities. I then divided them, my work as a Licensed Practical Nurse and my career of farming with my husband. Then there was the church, the bible studies, and a lifetime of trying to understand the meaning of my path.

My Journey shifted as new paths opened for me spiritually. I was always looking to mother nature and how the heaven influenced our lives. Initially through Luna and her cycles. To becoming a professional Astrologer. Having practiced the art and taken courses through the American Federation of Astrologers. I have been practicing for the past 20 years.

When you start following spirit, spirit shows you the way of it. Leading me to a chance encounter with a woman who became my mentor in the arts of the Occult, Psychic energies, and Mediumship. This was instrumental in learning how to channel my gifts. I eventually began to train others in how to tap into their gifts. Developing courses as I went along my path. A Spiritual Journey began to unfold, and a whole new world opened.

I then was guided to take courses through the University of Holistic Theology and obtaining my certification in Meditation practices. I am a Reiki Master and Theta Healing Certification, along with Paranormal Rescue Medium and Master Mediumship. I work with Universal Energy, Mother Earth, and the world between the worlds.

I have done hundreds of readings. Formed meditation groups. Instructed classes both online and in person. I seek to Guide you forward. Connecting with Spirit and our Ancestors by tapping into your journey.


Your Guide
Colleen Jorgensen with Spiritual Journey

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