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Spiritual Journey

Jupiter in Taurus

Jupiter in Taurus

Jupiter in Taurus

What is worth the Investment

Jupiter arrives in the solid sign of Taurus on May 16th, 2023. Remaining here till May 25, 2024. He will station retrograde come September 5th, at the 15th degree and moving direct at the 5th degree on December 31, 2023.

These degrees will be highlighted if you have birthdays between April 25th to May 6th, July 28th to August 8th, October 29th to November 8th, and January 25th to February 4th, you will feel the retrograde station to a larger degree than others. To be sure, Leo, Aquarius, Scorpio will be most impacted.


Jupiter is a benevolent planet. Bestowing favor on those whom he touches. He is expansive in his application, which will expand the qualities of Taurus. Bringing focus through Jupiter’s magnifying lens. At times bringing luck as it amplifies the energy. Appreciating the connections, he makes on his journey. His excessiveness can also get the best of him. Going overboard with his need for us to pay attention to a specific area of life. Exaggerating parts which are both negative and positive, depending on how he interacts within the realms of Taurus.


Taurus is a very practical, stable sign. Seeking comfort, security, and safety by means of earnings, possessions, or investments. He is slow in his application. Dedicated to a specific direction as he methodically moves towards his goals. This is the physical realm. Striving for attainment and material acquisitions. Here is a fixed element, stubbornly pursuing that which can help them achieve their missions. This can be a very loyal energy. Appreciating beauty, fond of the textures to assure quality versus quantity. On the downside, there can arise hoarding tendencies, as they seek to surround themselves with material items that give them a sense of security. Worthiness and values are associated with the Bull.


It will be interesting as Jupiter expands the realms of Taurus. Last placed here from June of 2011 to June of 2012. This began the acquisition of material items and increased spending. Taurus rules our resources, valuables and what makes us feel as though we are worth something. It also rules investments and income so we may purchase the items we deem worthy. Jupiter also likes to invest, which can inflate the economy once again. With too much Taurian energy, we can become gluttonous, wasteful, seeking social celebrations which ease our tensions but drain our pocketbooks. There can be an over production of products, which can wildly throw the barometer with big swings within the commodities.

Taurus on a mundane level rules agriculture, the land base, and food production. Along with our economy and buying power. Issue surrounding these areas can come under the microscope for examination during Jupiter's tour. Seeking the truth in such matters with a fair eye to just distribution, which could be mandated through the courts. Minimum wage could be re-examined. The value of money, and the currency in general and what value it holds. Securities, collateral, along with profits and losses. Banks and bankers. Beneficial for some, but expensive for others. Capitalism and all its ups and downs come under scrutiny. Publishing and journalistic mediums will be addressing such issues as the economy, food production and the governorship of what is fair and just within these systems. Growth is indicated. Areas of concern may be pensions, passports, immigration, and travel. Rights of ownership and higher educational models. The cost of such ventures could be increased or cost more to attain with Jupiter’s transits here. Jupiter tends to increase or inflate these issues, which could cause an increase in the value of money or that it costs more to function within society.


Both these energies are like fine wine, beautification, and social celebrations. The ability to travel and experience the world and all its beauty. Enjoying cultural advantages if one has the means to do so. Yet, Taurus is practical, grounded and will seek to secure these items for enjoyment around him. It depends on what we individually value and what it’s worth in the spending to attain.


Our attention will be drawn to the economy, currencies, income and how we function in a productive way within these sectors to ensure we enjoy ourselves, but also that we feel safe. Jupiter can throw these over the top with its inflationary energies and waste rather than feel secure.


Jupiter opens his journey with his waxing square to Pluto shortly after his entrance into Taurus. This will set the stage for how Jupiter functions within this realm. This follows the conjunction from 2020. They will be within 3 degrees of each other for most of May. Still in connection through till June by an 8-degree orb. Exact on the 18th of May. Each is in a new position, bringing up current issues. Taurus about income, securities and currencies and Aquarius about people, communities, global concerns, and the future.  Pluto seeks to transform and change the directive. Breaking down the issues that serve no further purpose. Gaining control over the issues that matter. However, this is a challenge and is challenging the stability of Jupiter’s need to expand the issues arising within the Taurus realm, money, and security within the markets.

This can initiate rules within our lives. What we must do or sacrifice to get ahead. Changing policies and reforming ideas or perspectives to control a sector of society. This can be the push through rebellious initiation because of a lack of, rather than too much of. A lack of representation within the legal system or unfair penalties of financial costs directed at a specific sector of society. The results can be pure determination to change the status quo. There is a powerful desire to change the direction of how or what we desire within our lives. What is worth the risk.


The next major aspect of Jupiter will be its sextile to Saturn. From Taurus to Pisces on June 19th, 2023. This once again highlights the activities and new directives from 2020, when last these two met on December 20th of 2020. This is a waxing energy which builds. Jupiter just goes for it, while Saturn is cautious, holding back. Each balance out the others. Saturn tempers Jupiter's optimistic perspectives. This produces a balance through steady application of growth and inflation. This may temper inflation through the application of rules and order. This may be an opportunity to reign in the out of control need to spend more and mitigate what we deem essential rather than frivolous.


Jupiter’s journey will be fraught with challenges by controlling our desires for what we want and putting into position what we need. Issues of power and control over various commodities, and economic stability, seeks to challenge us to follow the guidelines we set for ourselves. It is up to us as individuals to determine what gives us security. Do we find it in our possessions and buying power or within the people that surround and support us? Sometimes a little sacrifice is worth the effort to attain what we need or desire.


In the end, it will come down to what we ultimately believe in. Where our faith and determination arise from, to make the greatest strides in our worthiness of existing within our own lives. What we Love matters.


Spiritual Journey with Colleen Jorgensen