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May Astrological Journey




The world is but a game. We the pawns, seeking to reach the finish line. Gauging our opponents, as we team up with our own. It’s a gamble. One move to the right or left can throw us out of the playing field. Sending us back to start anew. We bluff, playing games within games. The level of risk depends on the pot prize in the middle. Lady Luck sometimes rides with us, and at other times turns her back.  Are you a gambling man?


We’re still in Eclipse Season as we enter the Merry Month of May. Eclipses can be a bit wild. Throwing us in directions, we didn’t expect. Closing doors and opening other doors. They bring life events to manifest. There are losses and gains. They can be magical, yet unpredictable in their quest to move us along.




We open the month with Pluto stationing retrograde on May 1st. Pluto is a major player this month. Influencing our determination to get things under control. It’s been a bit like this, those feelings like somethings are moving way too fast for our liking, as we are always behind and out of control feelings emerge. That we need to get organized and back to the old traditional ways to feel our power is restored. Pluto is, however, under a great deal of pressure. To change the status quo. To move into the future by gaining more independence within our own personal lives. We could feel as though we needed to meet a deadline, anxious to get on with it. Unfortunately, we have things that need to be finished up as we cut the chords of our discontent.

Pluto will be activated on May 7th, with Venus inconjunct. There is an uncertainty as to whether we are indeed making strides forwards or backwards. Adjustments will have to be made to feel safe within the game of life.

Mars will then challenge Pluto on the 20th. This creates a feeling of being out of control. As though we are being dragged around by those in positions of power. Certain individuals will be under stress to act, demonstrate or seek some sort of retribution.

Shortly thereafter, the Sun greets Pluto on the 20th. This is a welcomed energy. Full of encouragement to proceed with determination. There is light at the end of a very long tunnel. Pushing us onward towards our goals or aspirations.



The final Eclipse Greets us on the Full Moon energy in the sign of Scorpio. The ruler being Pluto. This is truly where the poker game of life begins. There is tension as to whether we need to have the stamina to play on, fold or quit. It’s emotionally charged, and the stakes are high. You will need to dig deep to hold your position as there are many waiting in the wings to take your chair. Others could simply be bluffing. To see it to the end may cost you more than you can handle. Is it worth the risk. If you are a betting man, I’m sure you will gamble, no matter the odds. There are all sorts of tactics here, you will need to read the other players at the game to determine your position, as unexpected upsets can take place. Arrogance or greed have no position here, so play your hand well, lest your weakness tells the tale of your position to the opposition.




This is a very sensitive movement. Romantic feelings permeate our needs. Venus’ desires fluctuate here. Making us all a bit temperamental and vulnerable in our moods. We seek comfort and support within our closest allies. We are protective of our homeland, family, or properties. There is a keen interest in uniting people together through intimate social connections. A barbeque in the back yard, a home-made apple pie, fresh garden produce, laced with love and affection to woo your senses. It’s a motherly feel, that could also feel rather smothering to our commonsense minds. Expect people to be tending their yards, fixing up their homes or dealing with family matters. The housing market will most likely be impacted here. A protectiveness within the country you live in. Alliances with liked minded individual and influences of financial support. Concerns of stability with food resources, family sustainability and perhaps financial aid for those who are in need.

There seems to be a bit of a crisis by the 4th, as Venus squares off with Neptune. This could be related to banking, financial security or within partnerships or relationships. This makes one uncertain.

Venus often rules the financial stability of the country, which could be addressed here. New directions are being realized when Venus’s sextiles the North Node on the 11th.

She will then find her feet, as she sextiles Saturn on the 13th. A more comfortable feeling or order, hope, and stability.

Her square to Chiron by the 24th, seems inconsistent. A bit of irritation due to selfish endings. It causes hard feelings. Did you fall into the same old habit of being vulnerable?


It works out surprisingly well though as Venus’s sextiles Uranus by the 26th. Sending us off onto a new enlightening journey. We could discover a treasure or opportunity if we are aware of our surroundings.




Mercury has been retrograde since April 21st. It hasn’t been such a bad retrograde station really. Yet, being in the sign of Taurus certainly indicated a need to review our financial viability. Issues surrounding banks or the banking sector. Pushed to review the limitations or vulnerability of this important sector of our lives. What is worth the effort, the risk. When do you hold em, and when do you fold em (Kenny Rogers). When do you bluff. Where is your position in the scheme of the play. Is it your turn? This could have signaled a strong need to re-examine your budgets. Your resources and where are you holding too much dead weight. In addition, a sign of who is supporting you within your life.

Mercury has been sextile to Saturn three times on his way through. First on April 4th, again on May 12 and the final connection being May 19th. May of us have been mulling over decision making. Trying to put deals together and this spells some opportunities to get organized. Planning for the future and taking a realistic look at where you stand financially. If you have been considering writing a book, paper or program, this continues to be a month of preparing. The details are important to your success.




This is a major transition happening. The expansive Jupiter is now pushing through from Aries to Taurus. Where the bottom line in business matters rests. Jupiter is the great benefactor. Expanding and exaggerating whatever it touches and wherever it resides. The world gets larger here. In many ways this will expand the financial resources of the world. Yet, it could just print more money, rather than create more money. Taurus is not in my opinion a very shared energy. First it needs to create its own stability and self-worth before it can share with others. Yet it is promising that money and resources will begin to expand under his stewardship. Yet, we must figure out the value, is it worth the effort and how it will extend outward to or within our relationships. This is structured commonsense application of resources. Trade and exchange of goods and services. Taurus loves comfortability, security in the enjoyment of what it has materialized. Self-indulgent behaviors or self-gratification can cause jealousy or resentment within others. This could indicate the expansion of business. There are moral standards to gauge oneself by. Too much pride can step in here, which prevents one from truly enjoying the benefits of hard work. Choosing rather to hoard their assets to such an extent that there is no enjoyment out of the effort. We view the pot in the middle of the game table. Is it worth it to risk it all?




It may be beneficial not to get too big too fast with this connection. This creates a power struggle within the financial stability of the financial world. It’s a struggle between who’s in control and who is in power due to wealth. There is a need for grassroots movements due to inequality of wealth and management of resources. Certainly, to change the rules of the game with new reforms within the financial markets or banking systems. Yet, there is no feeling of fairness, equality, or equal representation between the lower factions of society and the super wealthy. The pressure builds with this energy, through a willfulness to have what one wants when they want it. This seeks to reform and transform how we deal in business. Will the house of cards come down?




We play on this theme of assets, morals and worth for much of the month’s energy. The game of exchanges, bargaining, negotiations within the goods and services of our lives. What do we value or deem to be important as we strive for happiness, contentment. When is enough, enough or is it ever enough. These are the things we begin to refresh as this Moon rolls through our existence of life. The cycle is one of value. A roll of the dice with our ego’s so closely intertwined with what we hold dear. We oscillate between simplicity and the need to complete for services, nourishment, and sustainability. We can begin the process of gaining with this Moon. We know there is a need to release past habits and to walk into the future of the unknown. You will be weighing your risks here. Are you playing it safe, as old wounds cut deep into opportunity. Our primary concern is for family security, shelter, warmth on a cold day as those we trust support our needs. We are ready to fight for these simple things. Especially those who have felt left out and ignored in their quest for just a place to call home.




This is always a lively vibration. It quickens our steps and fills us full of plans for the summer approaching. We are busy here as we flutter around our neighborhoods. Gathering the things, we need to complete our agenda. The list is often long, from researching, gardening, refreshing the yard, socializing, or exercising. We’re busy little bees. There is an eagerness to glean new insights as new trends emerge. So much to do, we could feel a bit overwhelmed, as we learn, travel, and grow. We become who we need to be to fit any situation. One just needs to temper the gossip filling our minds.




This is usually a very dynamic position. Full of courage, bravery, and stamina. Yet, Mars will be challenged at every turn here. The usual energy with this placement needs to be tempered with caution in the wake of exuberance.

Mars if very inflammatory, seeking action. Leo is dynamic, charismatic, and competitive. In Leo it’s highly creative and is a gambler in its quest to win, be noticed and achieve. It builds confidence through actively achieving its goals. This is a proud placement. Perhaps too proud if one doesn’t gauge one’s enemies right. Arrogance can bring us down a bit. Humbling us into acknowledgment.

Mars first trines Neptune, just prior to his ingress into Leo. This gives us an idea. A keen insight into possibilities and perhaps an opening to realize one’s dreams. This can also signal underhanded dealings. Effective manipulation to outmaneuver one’s opponents. The advantage is in the knowing.

Then shortly after the New Moon, Mars comes into opposition to Pluto. A wild resistance, creating conflicting views. Producing resentment, hostilities, which force the issues. Something must change with this dynamic. The arrogance of will challenges Pluto’s need to control into the ring of competition. Power struggles are eminent. There is inflexibility here. Where neither one will back down due to the fixed signs penetrating. This can be pure egotistical arrogance. A showdown due to stubbornness or principle. Expect war rattling, combat, violence, and issues with weapons. Both these planets are square to the nodal axis, as we struggle between our resources.  

By the 23rd, Mars is indeed on the war path. Struggling to maintain control as he squares off with Jupiter. This is a crusade of sorts. Depending on what evolves between Mars and Pluto, demonstrates the moral compass ensuring here. This is a principal thing, where morality, faith and justice play a role. It can be rather revengeful or seeking compensation for a wrong done. There can be much waste, plundering and destruction. Things are extreme as the desire for the truth is a higher need than all else. We could see the courts involved in this mantra, and rulings established within the judicial systems.


It’s difficult to move into a new direction. We straddle the cusp between here and there this month. It’s important to keep grounded. To think about what is coming next, rather than walking blindly into the woods alone. Keep your senses about you as we begin the transition between the worlds.


Spiritual Journey with Colleen Jorgensen