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New Moon in Taurus



This New Moon arrives at the 28th degree of Taurus on May 19th, 2023. In the mid-hours of the morning Mountain Standard Time. Exact at 9:54 AM.

Many of us have been feeling the pressure of various shifts taking place within our lives. We have just past the intensity of Eclipse Season, which lacks direction with the Solar Eclipse seeking new direction on April 19th, and a release within the Lunar Eclipse of May 5th. This perhaps was a prelude to the dynamics which will begin to play out at the end of May.

For me, the last Lunar Eclipse energy, was like a poker game. We need to have the stomach to play the game. Call the bluffs, estimating the unknown and the many combinations of possibilities before us. Withstand the pressure to go it to the end, and hope above all else that we have the winning hand.

We are still in this game, still holding our cards and still scrutinizing the other players. This opens the dynamics of the next hand to be played.


New Moon’s are a time to plant the seeds for new growth. Setting new intentions. Which refreshes our energy as we are prompted to initiate new plans.

Being in the sign of Taurus, we are called to re-connect with nature. Set our feet solid on the ground, while we obtain an objective or goal. Taurus is a fixed sign, once decided upon an mission, it’s very hard to move the bull from his position. Here we can grasp clarity. A vision and direct path forward.

We seek security through the practical applications of our mission. Realistic vision to obtain our directives. That feeling of comfort that comes when we have accomplished our objectives.

Here we are also concerned with our basic needs for sustainability. Food, clothing, housing, and the material income to ensure such comforts. Banking, and investments can ensure such sustainability if we have remained focused upon the goal of acquisition of such elements. Yet, on the downside, Taurus can go overboard, increasing his desires to surround himself with the things which make him feel secure, and worthy for his own confidence. This is the person who has too much, spilling over in garages, storage containers, storage facilities. These material things which we feel we need for survival. Our income and purchasing power to attain these needs, and what we value to be most important to retain.


We begin to solidify these principals with this New Moon. Forging a clear plan of action forward.


The New Moon makes two close aspects. The first is to Mars, which is at the 29th critical degree in Cancer. A point which squares off with the Solar Eclipse point of April 19th in Aries creating an feeling of crisis. This Moon as did the Eclipse Moon struggles under the weight of Pluto’s new energy in Aquarius. What is best for me as an individual versus what is best for the overall population as a whole.

 The new age of Aquarius is upon us. Whereby we need to transition from the old and into the new. Pluto, as then and now in this New Moon is struggling to maintain control as he slides between two worlds. Pluto here seeks autonomy within the whole community. The seeds are being planted for new growth both on a personal level and within what we need for our survival in the coming age. What do we desire or really want to establish for our stability in the future.


This New Moon sextiles Mars. Giving us the opportunity to act on our instincts. Capitalizing within the Cancer element of housing, home and family units that give us the support and safety we desire as is our right of protection. With the Aries Eclipse being triggered, we can aim for new personal direction in obtaining the simplicity of this Taurus energy. Yet we struggle within the housing sector.


The second closest aspect is Neptune at the 27th degree of Pisces through a sextile aspect. We can begin to utilize our imagination to dream a new vision. Ideas can prompt us into motivation. Activating us to initiate our desires. Here we can obtain faith in what our objectives are.


There is a lot going on, some we can keep up with, and yet we can get tangled up within the realms of the Taurus energy. There are 5 planets highlighting this realistic earth sign. Drawing us down to the basics. We need to stay focused. Drawing a straight line from point A to point B. Working slowly within our objectives to attain our motivations.

Yet, we can caught up in the particulars. Jupiter newly in Taurus, can throw a twist into the dynamics of simplicity. Over-estimating, over exaggerating the possibilities. As it puts a glaring magnifying glass on the principals of Taurus. Income, financial concerns, banking, investments, sustainability through food, agriculture, land, cattle, or gardening. The essentials of our livelihoods as we shift our perspectives of focus.

Jupiter also squares off with Pluto within this New Moon chart. Addressing these areas as important for our sustainability. Perhaps opposing the changes that Pluto seeks to establish within the Aquarian age. To transform the landscape of our communities, freedoms or independence and the enjoyment of such goods and services that we enjoy now. Forming a new way of utilizing these resources.

Pluto will show us our weaknesses in these areas. The over usage, and perhaps the wastefulness of our livelihoods. This is where we can dig in our heels, resist, and fight the need to change our ways.

This is a good Moon with the trine to Pluto, to begin the process of establishing a new model. Forging a new path forward to changing what or how we use these vital elements which sustain and nourish us. To clarify the vision, to see something different, aside from obtaining more and more and more of our natural resources.


There are several indicators of this potential. For a shift in perspective, belief and vision. First through the sextiles. But also due to both Mercury and Jupiter aligning with the North Node in Taurus. Here we have the potential to change but change often comes with chaos or disruption. Common sense is a wordage that is familiar with Taurus’s earth energy. What makes the most sense in our use of the things we value, or don’t value.

The environmental controls, which are under the helm of Pluto in Aquarius, and the square emerging, says, we are not being responsible with our environment, rather we are wasting through our throw out motto’s. Single use plastics. Where it’s easier to re-by then to fix anything. Communities filled to the brim with electronics that eventually end up in the landfill.

This New Moon seeks clarification of our usage of items which we value in our society for our comfort yet discard due to the controlling mandates in place. We have an opportunity to change this ideology with Jupiter’s transit through Taurus. There is pressure for unsustainability if we continue this trajectory.


Venus is the ruler of this New Moon. She is presently out of bounds. Another indication of changes whereby we reach out for something different or unusual. She is in the sign of Cancer with a desire to have a home, family, garden plot and that white picket fence. Housing becomes relevant or important. Real-estate issues, purchasing power for that which we desire.


Mercury is sextile to Saturn in Pisces. This is his third and final pass as he retrograded. First on April 4th. There is a return to that new conversation.  We can have the discussion. Perhaps a spiritual quest for something other than what we have. An integration of ideas that are simple, yet workable. A new religion, faith, or belief. It will take a lot to get people to commit, as we leap head forward without thinking.


When we threaten a way of being, that we have become accustom too, we get defensive and protective. Even if it is dysfunctional. Mars is heading towards his square with Jupiter, just a few days hence this New Moon as he enters the dynamic sign of Leo. This is a crusade aspect when Mars and Jupiter collide. A fight for a belief, a way of life for our children. Protective of our beliefs and possessions which make us feel secure, safe, and stable in the sign of Taurus.


We can accuse, distort, or take to court. Making a stand on principal. In the name of justice, equality, or truth. Jupiter is at the apex of the T-square. Putting pressure on his ruling areas. This may affect immigration, the legal system, pensions, insurance, journalist, commodities, commerce, capitalism, pensions, rights, security, publishing, foreign travel and passports, universities, the nobility or wealthy.


The villain is Pluto in Aquarius. Both Mars and Pluto will begin to dig deep into Jupiter’s need to expand the Taurus realms. Rooting out and determined to expose the secrets held deep within his realms. We may feel shocked into action, as it goes against our beliefs in what we think is just and true within our society. Here we can capitalize on our sheer power of will. If we can release the past and move into the future with common sense backing our actions.


Spiritual Journey with Colleen Jorgensen