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Astrology journey for february

February’s Astrological Journey

It’s a Wrap

See you on the otherside.

We open the month on a high note. Realizing that all planets are now in direct motion. A sense we can begin to make plans. Move ahead with projects. Ridding ourselves of this stuck, stale energy we’ve been encountering recently.

We’ve jut had this New Moon in Aquarius on the 21st of January. Giving us insight into what the Pluto ingress into Aquarius will look like next month. It’s refreshing and rather liberating with its optimism and excitement.

There is lots of change heading our way as many of these planets pick up speed and move ahead rather quickly. Yes, we have some residual leftovers from both Mar and Mercury’s retrograde phases. They have not quite broke through the shadow period. Thus, we are still wrapping up some activities or events from 2022. Mercury won’t break new ground until February 7th and we will have to wait until next month for Mars to head into new territory. We are therefore still reflecting on things but most likely seeing our way through to the other side.

We seem to be hitting a point of endings. Clearing out and recharging in order to embrace the New Year unfolding. Which by the way, doesn’t seem to arrive until March. Many of us are set to chart a new course. Heading into unknown territory but thrilled to be doing it. Others could see themselves awash in indecision with little to no direction readily apparent. Trusting only their instincts to navigate the foggy waters. This is a result of both Saturn and Pluto hitting the Anaretic degree of 29. First Pluto on the 12th of the month, followed by Saturn by the 27th. This is a finishing up degree. Karmic since Saturn rules Pluto’s position in Capricorn and Saturn ruling Karma. I always refer to this degree as, “being at the end of one’s rope”. Fed up, and anxious to move on. Yet, it gives this feeling of being stalled or held back due to some unfinished business. 

Another indication of us ready to get on with things is Uranus. It hits the Beltane position at the 15th degree of Taurus. Beltane is a Celtic celebration in the wheel of the year. It is a festival which celebrates the light half of the wheel of life. Opening to spring. It sits exactly opposite of Samhain (Halloween), which opens to the dark half of the year. In between the Solstices and Equinoxes, sitting at the Cross Quarters. Which reside in fixed signs. Taurus is associated at the 15th degree with Beltane. Samhain with Scorpio; Aquarius with Imbolc and Lammas relates to Leo.

With Uranus arriving exact at 15 degrees of Taurus, it opens the Beltane doors of light. Ushering in a refreshing wave of newness. We are at the threshold of new earth. For so long Uranus has resided in the dark part of the season. He now opens to new life. The seeds being planted for new growth. Rebirthing the earth’s spring. This can bring new changes with a sense of renewal. This is the final push. Having hit this degree in May of 2022 & again in December of 2022. 

The 15th degree is also associated with Gemini. Opening the channels of communication, information, learning or enlightenment. With Venus ruling, it’s also how we express what we love and value. Our connections with one another. Like Samhain, Beltane is also a point of opening, when the veil is at it’s thinnest and we can connect much easier with the spirit world. 

This is a celebration to connect easier to the light spirits. Such as the fairies. This was a time of coming together and celebrating the birth of a new season.

The dark side of Taurus is the hoarder. The need to have more and more things. Which validates us as an individual. A person worth something, but not necessarily connected to humanity. We have seen this from 2000 to 2020 with the dominance of Taurus. We must be cautious in how we view our lives through the Taurus lens. It’s an earth sign, steeped in resources. Grounded, seeking sustenance through the material form of things. Which gives a sense of security. 

As humans we have a lot of Taurus elements around us. Money is one, which puts a value on commodities. With Uranus reaching this point, we could very well see a shift in what is of value to us and the worth in who and what we are connected too. A fresh new wave of resources or the birth of something new, which we deem more worthy of our attention.

There is a lot of freshness arising with the Sun in Aquarius, ruled by Uranus. Igniting us to try something new, refreshing, and different. 

Venus will be in Pisces, allowing us to dive deep into our souls. Opening our inner spirits to create within the dimensions of the physical world. Be romantic, generous, and sympathetic to one another. Try to tap into the arts, meditation or learn a new inspirational mantra to spur your life forward.



As above:



The Sun’s romp through Uranus’s sign of Aquarius, can see upsets with Uranus 90-degree angle. Igniting further rebellious energy. This brings out the need for equality. Pointing directly at leaders and leadership. Expect the unexpected coming from those in positions of power. We could also see some difficulties with the airlines once again.  With the electrical grid or earth disruptions such as earthquakes. There is a need to break free here as tensions build. Grassroots movements rise.



A lover’s spat ensues between the feminine and male energies. There is a need for less talk and more romance, or more discussion of direction and less romantic illusions. Secrets can surface here as information unfolds with one’s activities. An element of caution is needed to prevent one’s emotions to rule the spat, least you simply continue to talk in circles. There can be an offensiveness if one is trying to persuade the other. Watch you don’t spend time where you shouldn’t or get talked into things that come to nothing. Financial concerns.



This is our 4th Full Moon at the 16th degree of the sign out of 6 Full Moons. This may get us to the Heart of the matter. The true need for why we are driving towards our desires. Is it EGO? The pride of it all or is it heartfelt in its purity. This Moon can open the channels of the Beltane opening. An urgency in ushering in a new wave of spring as this Full Moon forms the T-square to Uranus within 1 degree orb. We desire with Leo and lust after what we believe will fill us with gratification. Seeing ourselves on the stage of life, only to realize we indeed have no clothes on. Which can be shocking to say the least, but also alienating us from the ones we so desire to admire us. This highlights the uniqueness within all of us.

The oddity of our creative mannerisms, but also can lead us to feeling left out. Sudden shocking realizations come with this Moon. Perhaps only to awaken us to our own faults of character. It may push us in a new direction.   Out of our complacency to discover greener pastures. The Moon will sextile Mars, bringing an opportunity to discuss our ideas and to be brave in reaching out for something different. The trine to Chiron, can tap into old patterns which have served to save us before and most likely will again through inspirational creativity.



This is the last connection in a series of 3 between these two planets. The first arrived on Dec 24th and the second on Jan 2nd, 2023. There is a lot of optimism which arose with this connection. Allowing doors to open for the arts, music, or movie productions. The imagination is sparked through ideas or intuition. A feeling that anything is possible. One just must plan and manifest the outcome. Interests in peaceful communication, the metaphysical, occult, or spiritual practices. Perhaps starting businesses of such interests. A wave of inspiration gets one excited to create. Photography or creative writing.



This will give us a keen awareness of what we desire as we seek something different then the norm. We could see new technologies coming into vogue. Great involvement in unusual art forms or musical interests. Money could also be invested in space travel, inventions, and the sciences. Watch you don’t fall head over heels with a new love interest, then find them suddenly gone as though they never were. A strong need for the unconventional and fortunate connections made suddenly. Being at the right place at the right time. This certainly will be lucky for both Pisces and Taurus individuals.



Oh, the intensity of it all! As these two form a new cycle at the latter degrees of Capricorn. New discussions will certainly arise within the business communities, governments, and corporations. Who’s got the power, who’s wielding the power and who do I need to get in touch with to connect with the power. A new fresh conversation ensues around old issues within the business world. Expect some secrets to emerge and new people appointed in positions of power. The media could be all over the latest mystery, determined to get to the bottom of it all. If you are seeking to gain some control over your life. Get Going! You just need to talk to the right people.



This opens our minds to new possibilities and experiences. Rules by Uranus now at the 15th degree of Taurus, brings forth a new way of creating our interests going forward. There is an understanding of what needs to be done. New innovative ideas burst forth. New inventions or entrepreneurship. Higher states of thought processes with scientific breakthroughs in DNA research, space initiatives, or new technologies.



This is a point of culmination. A finishing, yet Karmic to those in positions of power or control. We are not quite finished with it all. The breaking down, the exposure, the dead-end street to those who have chose to abuse their positions. We are not just done with the debt, deficit, downgrading or dysfunction of those in high power authority. Yet, it is crumbling, degrading and showing its age. The old hang on for fear of losing control and choosing to control the rest of the population through fear, refusing to relinquish their positions or power of control. We’re beginning to wrap this up over the next couple years. Ready for the breakthrough. Ready to push into the future. Perhaps a little more alien to our way of thinking. Workable though.

FEB 14/15TH: VENUS JOINS NEPTUNE: Valentines Day!

This means love on the high seas. This is a very spiritual joining of soul mates. A connection beyond the realities of love as we see them. It drips with romance, illusions of possibilities that catch our breath and raise us higher than we could imagine. Wait, were you just taking drugs? Oh yes, darn it, I drank too much the night before. Stop. Let’s start over! In other words, yes you could believe you have found the love of your life, and yes this is a rather magical connection. Where hypnotic power attracts you to your one and only Valentine. Dance to the music, make love and enjoy the moments. Could be the beginning of a new connection. If a lot of money drops into your lap, well congratulations!



If Mercury is squaring the north node, then he certainly is squaring the south node. Putting him in a precarious situation between the past and the possible future. No doubt there are problems within society, due to a lack of insight. This also relates to Taurus and the functionality of what we aspire to own. Which makes us secure. Product and where it’s going. Distribution, trade agreements and yes, our trash or recycling. We could find ourselves stalled especially in relation to environmental issues or humanitarian needs. Obviously, what we have been doing isn’t working, and we have no idea what we should be doing next.



Serious decisions are being made at this juncture. No doubt with leaders and diplomatic protocols. A new line is being drawn as to what rules should be followed. There is a strong moral component to this conjunction that someone with some strength needs to take control of a situation. Harnessing the potential to create a new foundation. A lot of work is indicated, especially since Aquarius is involved and the new age which is emerging. What communities need to be recognized, which ones need to be controlled. Who belongs and who doesn’t. Oh, the questions, with a need for new leadership.



After all the dreariness of Mercury in Capricorn. Things are much livelier as he picks up speed and connects positively with the expansiveness of Jupiter. This brings big ideas forth. Higher educational pursuits through Universities or Colleges. Interests in laws and favorable outcomes or news coming if you are in the mist of wrongful allegations. Travel plans could be made at this point. Start your book, blog, or begin a website. It’s optimistic in your endeavors.



Pisces is always a sign of completion and yet a sign of conception. The birthing of something new is being formed. The Sun here redirects our focus to what we believe is possible. With Jupiter now in Aries, we are pushing to pursue our own dreams. Sometimes fighting against ourselves due to our morals or values. A dedication to someone or something. This is where we seek truth, not necessarily through the courts but through our own intuitiveness or knowing. This is a good time to delve into learning new spiritual practices such as meditation, yoga, or kundalini. It is wonderful for taking a trip or signing up for a retreat. This can be a sensitive time, but eager to claim our own identities. Volunteer work or service to those less fortunate. Water issues, alcohol or drug issues, issues with the ocean can all become prominently expressed here.



Just as Venus moves to sextile Pisces, she joins with Pluto at his 29th degree. Giving possibilities through a perception of reality. A great opportunity to use financial resources wisely to promote small business ventures or individual careers. There is an element of restraint and control here to be sensible within our talents. In many ways this is a scary little connection, even though it’s in a positive aspect of sextile. Each are at 29 degrees though, where there could be uncertainties and a need to push forward, yet having to deal with old issues. There can be somewhat of a crisis which will no doubt be of benefit in the long run. However, it could be problematic which seems to need immediate attention within a relationship or financial situation. 



This is the final New Moon which lands at the 1st degree of the sign out of 4 New Moon’s. It’s inspirational that it ended in the finishing sign of Pisces. Ready to conceive a new mantra. This is where all sorts of hidden feelings reside. Where we bury them deep, avoiding everything until we have no more room left to contain it all. In many ways the shadow side of ourselves, but an ability to conceive of something new. Self sabotaging to get to that something new. It is highly spiritual, addressing the suffering we undertake. The victimizations our ourselves and others. Yes, we can victimize ourselves through many forms of negative behaviour. Perhaps to eventually see the light once more and help others. Not only for our self healing but for others in our empathy and sympathy towards others. We are divided here in our quests for understanding. The Moon is just past his conjunction with Saturn. Foretelling of a hardship or endurance we needed to address, pushing us to believe in something higher than the reality we find ourselves in. Yet the Moon is past the restrictions or limitations imposed by Saturn’s rule. Saturn now is under the horizon and weakened in his position. Thus, we can see a lightening of controlling measures here.  Perhaps the weakening is due to age or old age. New leaders could begin to emerge with fresh inspirational ideas. There is a great deal of healing arising as Jupiter begins his trek towards Chiron. Mercury is also sextile to Chiron, allowing us to talk about what has injured us and the answers of where we go from here. Along with Venus sextile to Pluto at the 29th degree of endings. All things point to the fact we are tired, over worked and exhausted from our travels thus far. We must release here to grasp the new ideologies arising within us. Money could be promised. A last acknowledgment of it being owed or to bring peaceful resolution. It reminds me of the “Truth and Reconciliation”.



Venus is through the canal and ready to start fresh. The feminine pushes her own agenda now. Seeking self gratification through her own ambitions. This is about taking up the courage to begin your own business, venture of personal journey. Aggressively seeking what it is that you desired through a pioneering conquest. It's a brave energy but has little patience to wait for others. Demands are made and expected to be adhered too. People will be expecting a lot of attention due to Venus being detriment and really having little to no support in the needs of others. Indeed, we might have to just do our own thing. Try not to take it offensively if people are being self centered.



We approach the end of the month with realizations. This speaks of change. The push to explore new territory of interests but encountering resistance. This aspect often reminds me of the Scarlet Letter. Banishment due to some action or words spoken, which others deemed inappropriate. It leads to Freudian Slips, which shock others once the words are out. This is a time, where we need to pay attention to the road. Watch for accidents, as we could have vehicle problems. Bad weather is also indicated with this, as unexpected wind, or disruptions to travel due to weather events. Sudden earthquakes or airline problems once again ensue. Taking spontaneous action can be troublesome, so think before you engage. It spells of rebellious mantras in society. Spreading of the word to gather for protests or riots.


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