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Saturn in Pisces

Dissolving Reality

Saturn will crystallize the waters of Pisces on March 7th, 2023, as he plunges deeply into the magical depths of this illusive sign. Disappearing, dissolving our reality. He remains here until the 25th of May 2025, where he will rebirth into the new sign of Aries. 

APRIL 19TH: Saturn will sextile the North Node and Trine the South Node for an extended period, due to his 1-degree orb connection. From April 4th through till May 8th, 2023.

JUNE 1ST: Mars inconjunct Saturn.

JUNE 18TH: Stations Retrograde at 7 degrees 13 minutes.

JUNE 19TH: Saturn will sextile Jupiter in Taurus: They are within range June 14th to June 28th, 2023.

AUGUST 1ST: Mercury oppose Saturn.

AUGUST 15TH: Saturn will semi-square Chiron retrograde in Aries.

SEPTEMBER 1ST: Mars inconjunct Saturn.

OCTOBER 12: Mars trine Saturn.

NOVEMBER 14TH: Saturn will station direct at 00 degrees 31 minutes. A position he held March 12th exact. Was in range from March 7th to 24th.

NOVEMBER 25TH: Saturn semi-square Chiron retrograde in Aries.


March 7th, is where Saturn will begin the mountainous climb as the Sea Goat in the depths of Pisces. 

The planet of Saturn was known as the end of the universe. The boundary between us and the edge of infinity. What might lay beyond this point was nothingness. A place to be feared if one went over the edge of this reality into the abyss. 


We must know our limits with Saturn. Step too far over your jurisdiction and karma is the result. Saturn creates structure and form. It is our training, whereby we push forward through painstaking hard work and dedication to achieve success. Yet at times, giving up and ending. Relying on old concepts to implement the practices. Building something of value which lasts throughout time. This is the mentor with the student taking years to master a craft. Rising through the ranks in a skill perfected pathway. Saturn creates the rules of engagement. Controlling the circumstances, drawing back into realistic alignment.


Pisces is a completely different energy. Within this realm there are no lines. The energy is fluid, with endless possibilities. Connecting us to a higher source such as God, Universal Energy, and the world beyond the veil. Here lies our beliefs. The things we cannot see, yet we know exist. Our intuition, through the psychic realms. A vision, awash in expectations of magic. The healer, psychologist, therapist, and savior. Time does not exist here as everything flows together in one unity of compassion, sympathy, and empathy. The creator, the poet, artist, musician. Expressing our deepest suffering.


Pisces has two roles through, represented by the two fish swimming against one another. Down the rabbit hold of illusions with the fish that loses oneself in drugs, alcohol or towards the other fish. The savior who sacrifices everything in order to heal the rest of us. A messiah or leader directing us through shapeless promises of the land of milk and honey.


When we merge these two energies. Saturn will seek to slow the waters of Pisces. We create the Fairy Tale, where there always is a line. The point of no return. Many dangers lye beyond the boundary. The edge of the forest, the sky or mountain peak. Beyond is dangerous. Saturn creates the fear of the unknown. If we dare to venture beyond a certain point or line drawn in the sand, there are consequences. Perhaps from those in positions of authority. This line is created in order to protect ourselves against something we cannot see or even know exists. In many ways a control mechanism. I’m sure it sounds familiar to you in some aspect of your life. Once you go beyond this point, who knows what will befall you. Perhaps the happily ever after.


Pisces rules drugs, alcohol, and pharmaceutical drugs. Here lies addictions. Altered states of being. Reality becomes blurred or even erased. Where there is no structure. Certainly we can expect significant shifts in these areas of our existence. Stricter rules could be implemented in the usage of such substances. New pharmaceutical companies can emerge. Standards of practices can be developed for addiction treatments. New facilities for the curing or healing for such addictions. An accounting from pharma to ensure the control of various substances are not abused by the public at large. The opioid crisis can be re-addressed to establish accountability. Along with fentanyl issues. Drug usage can become mainstream, where controlled facilities are established to prevent death and ensure proper usage. In some areas, legalization. The development of new drugs of vaccines are realized.


Neptune rules Pisces, and therefore has jurisdiction over Saturn. These two are on a collision course, coming within degrees of one another in 2025. Neptune dissolves things, creating different things. Like the burning of petroleum oil in vehicles becoming emissions. A gaseous form. With Saturn there is no give. No quarter is allowed, it’s often all or nothing. Pisces gives concessions. Gets confused about what is truth and what is lies. 


This will affect the Oil and gas industries. Probably to reduce the emissions affecting our air. New guidelines can be established, which might be rather harsh. An example of this is the reduction or ability to drive one’s gas powered vehicle within a certain time frame. From 6 am to 4 pm. The implementation of how we manufacture or mine the raw materials will also be addressed. Strict standards of practice can arise within this industry. Controlling of Oil spills or gas leaks. New structures can be built for protection of the substances. Then again, this industry may completely disappear.


Neptune or Poseidon are two of the same. Ruling the oceans in both Greek and Roman mythology. Poseidon also rules over storms, earthquakes, and horses according to Wikipedia. Here we can see shifting in the earth’s crust. A changing landscape due to storms or other water-based events. Measures to limit these events is highlighted, perhaps through further restrictions or access to various parts of sensitive seas or ocean spaces. 


Water usage and availability of seems prominently express with Saturn transiting Pisces. Due to its dwindling resource and to ensure clean drinking water. Water with Pisces can be poisoned through some seepage or contaminating force. Safe practices and the implementation of water to everyone for good health. We can start to see a structural change within this industry. The bottled water industry as well can see changes.


Poisoning or contaminants can be a reality. We need to be aware of what we are eating or coming in contact with. Pesticides and Herbicide usage. The banning of various elements which are deemed harmful or contaminating our water or food systems.


The reality becomes blurred or even erased. Swept away by the storm. Thrown into the sea, with only a memory of what was remaining. Indicating losses. Tearful and anguished by the tragedy. Pisces moves the boarders, pushing us beyond our limits, as he seeks for us to see ourselves in a new light an int a new consciousness of faith.


In the crystallization and hardening of Pisces, we can view how we create in a more structured manner. Saturn is the builder. An architect of design. Building can be illusive yet tangible. Where we have hidden spaces or doors to escape our reality. Spiritual spaces within homes can surface for meditation, alters, or spiritual practices. Various technologies can surface to carry us away to some far-off place as we visualize possibilities. Creativity becomes a more dominant theme as designs become more pliable or integrated. Walls can move or completely dissolve into spaces. New structures for spiritual practices and new frameworks of thought for implementation into one’s life.


We can find that we are more apt to look to retreating from the world. Seeking sanctuaries or retreats to learn about our own spirituality. Connecting us with Mother earth and new realities of how we can be living. A sense of oneness with the world, through structured application of various practices. Retreats to spas, sauna’s or sweat lodges materialize as standard practices.


As well the movie industry can experience an overhaul. Seeking more true stories, created on the fabric of the screen. How we interact within these stories can shift. The consolidation of various companies in the business. Limited the resources into one. Dissolvement of various companies or even bankruptcies. Movie stars, artists and photography become more streamlined. Precise in their application and much more creative as well. We want to lose ourselves in these images.


 With technologies set to rise in a new direction, we will be able to create two realities. Perhaps through video games or other devices taking us away to alternate worlds. New waves of music or old music coming back into vogue. Creative venues which carry us away to far off lands through photography, painting or poetry.


Pisces is a lovely sign. Where we can get lost in the belief of the dream. We are trusting in this energy. That if we work hard, we can achieve our dreams. A promise of something real or reward for our hard work. In this two-year journey will we realize that the dream has no basis in reality? That others have illuded us into believing such a thing, to keep us working. Keep us dedicated to a cause or vision. Will we just awaken to suffering rather than the dream? This is where we wonder how Saturn will function in Pisces. The matrix. Controlled within a system of a dream.


Pisces can be disorientating to say the least. Finding ourselves in a completely different reality. Swept away by this illusion. There could be more cults springing up. The messiah or savior. Follow me and I will show you the way. Offering us a way out of the demands of life. Promises of release and relief, only to find more controlling measures within the cult or belief. New masters emerge that others will follow this gusto.


It's hard to envision something that doesn’t exist. Yet Saturn will bring form to this illusive reality. Just as the church brought a sense of rulership over the people through beliefs according to scripture. A way to control, bring order, obedience through the concept of what happens after one cross over into the abyss of sin. A scary thought indeed. If you don’t do this, this will happen to you. It’s a concept which has worked well over the centuries.


We can see some of this tactic re-established, perhaps not with the church, but with some other organization. Old beliefs are resurfacing but may take on a different form. The invisible becomes visible. Religious doctrine, or beliefs are interpreted and given a structure of rules to obey, least you fall prey to some invisible force. The creation of new churches or spiritual centers.


Religion and spirituality can play a large roll in the coming years. Saturn’s divisions in our reality separate us from each other. Different cultural practices, languages, color of our skin, ethical and morality, along with religious practices or beliefs. These are the things which separate countries, groups within society, and the elite from the less fortunate. We have created these boundaries because we lack understanding or psychological imprinting from generations of belief systems in place. Developed originally to protect against invasions from the unknown, we can take responsibility to learn. We can erase these misconceptions. Illusions that trick us into believing something is scary when we cross the line, rather than seeking to find out.


In some cases, people will be returning to old practices of beliefs. Walking their traditional path once again. Doing their vision work or journey walk to find spiritual guidance.

This is also the Atheist. Prove to me there is a God. Show me the scientific evidence. Teach me how to reach this God, and then I will believe. I cannot believe in something I cannot see is real.


In addition, we need to be cautious of structured scams. Espionage or secret groups. Spying can be more prevalent. Classified secrets can begin to be released. Leaked information. A revisiting of ESP or Remote Viewing can be re-implemented into various protection agencies. A way of containing private information either belonging to the governments or it’s citizens.


Another interesting concept certainly is the psychological viewpoint. If these two energies between Saturn and Pisces have anything in common, it’s confinement. Pisces rules large institutions of isolation and confinement such as hospitals, prisons, or rehab facilities. It also rules places that one can retreat and come in from the cold. Rescuing us from the harsh elements we encounter when we are lonely or living in harsh circumstances. Certainly, we can expect more facilities to be built to tackle these problems. Especially addictions, loneliness, and homelessness.


Dream work and sleeping can be studied once again. Is there answers in the hidden realms of the mind during the sleep phases. Interpretation of dreams or dream walking can be realized, or can it? 


Issues surrounding healing places such as hospitals or mental facilities can become a top priority for governments. Those left out or challenged by metal illness. Pisces rules the psychological aspects of our existence. Psychotherapy, Psychology, Therapy and Counselling. A need to begin to control or deal with some of these issues seem more pressing to ensure a solid base is established for the healing of such conditions. Rather then just throwing them in isolation. New practices or ways to deal with metal illness in all facilities. The causes of such disturbances and treatments, rather then just removing them from existence. Yet under harsh aspects with Saturn, we can see isolation as a means of removing the problem rather than dealing directly with it. We may see spiritual healing practices such as Reiki, Reflexology or other healing practices breach the cap of acceptability into main stream medicine. The mind is an amazing retreat, whereby we can learn new technics for creating our own reality.


The elderly, which is Saturn can find themselves in one of two places. Either isolation or some sort of confinement or in a magical world created to ease their transition from the living to the dying. Altered states of being through the construction of places that represent living towns or communities of engagement.

We can also find new practices for surgical work. Through anesthetic or numbing gases to assist with operations.


Both Saturn and Pisces, deal with endings in some fashion or the other. The dissolvement and abrupt endings. The ending of one illusion of being and finding yourself in some other reality. The line will be moving with Saturn in Pisces. We will find we are changing our minds. Confused in where the line is. Building and restructuring our existence, perhaps to suit our own realities rather than truth.


We must remember that Pisces is a sign of service. Saturn often the rulership within a country, state, or the government. It will be interesting to see how the leaders or governments seek to serve their people. Will they fill them full of illusions or simply isolate them from reality for them to comply to their controlling measures. There can be lots of corruption, betrayal or secrets here, which can turn scandalous if one hasn’t taken responsibility and been accountable. Temptation is here to do things behind closed doors.


It’s a crazy world. In this energy, we could see punishment for believing in something, which is deemed unacceptable according to society. A practice of paganism, witchcraft or esoteric practices, occult or metaphysical realms can once again become feared or tabooed. Who is the evil one, the one that killed the witches or the witches themselves for their healing practices? Things can get mixed up with Pisces. Altered in some fashion to persuade others to fall into line with the rulers. Gaining control (Saturn), isolating others into believing they are the ones who need to be punished. The Scarlet Letter. Banished due to not adhering to the rules of law. The psychic world once again seems more relevant. Seeking out mediums, psychics as guides to help us on our journey. Then again that some of these practices become more mainstream. 


In many ways we will see the reality of our situations dissolving. That we have been living in some dream world. Oblivious to our own realities. Waking up from a long sleep as Sleeping Beauty. What we believe now can be washed away and replaced by something completely different. 


There are two distinct realities emerging. In one you will see the light, and in the other you could be the victim. The world can walk both these paths and perhaps merge into the mirror of each reflection. Suffering is a domain of both Saturn and Pisces. Yet, we can heal our suffering through being honest with ourselves. Whatever path you choose, remember there is always another way forward, you just may have to learn it first.


Some things which transpired was the collapse of the Soviet Union with Russia initiating the first Chechen War.

Rwanda genocide with the opening of Waco seize.

Cult establishment of the Order of the Solar Temple.

The X-Files


Saturn Toured Pisces from 1964-1967:

Producing the Anti-Vietnam protests. Buddhist protest against this war.

Spending programs to reduce poverty and racial injustice.

Civil Rights Bill and the Montgomery March of 1965. Pushing to remove the line of segregation.

Nelson Mandela and the Cultural Revolution in China.

LSD was made illegal in 1966

Church of Satan


From 1935-1938:

Fascism becomes popular in Europe

Spanish Civil War

Rise of Nazi Germany and prelude to the Second World War

Stalin’s increased Paranoia with the Great Purge in 1936.

Great Depression with the concerns for the lack of water and rain.

Social Security programs with poverty and unemployment.


These are some highlights of the transits of Saturn in Pisces. Please research to discover more connections if you so desire.

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